Miracle of miracles, it is 7:23 and both boys are still sleeping.   Of course, by the time I finish this, I am sure they will be up, because by virtue of me writing it, I am thinking it will trigger some internal alarm in both of them.  We have had some rough days the last few days with Xavier.  He did so well in the days following his surgery that we were lulled into a false sense of security.  Since Friday night, he has not been sleeping well--literally waking every hour or two complaining of pain.  Last night was a bit better, after talking to the doctor's office yesterday and being assured that this can happen and to just stay on top of his pain medication, I am hoping that today will be better.  I have struggled with always having sympathy for him (just being honest...).  I hate that he is in pain, but honestly, the wailing that has gone along with it has been a bit hard to handle--especially since it is practically incessant about every three hours.  I am trying to remind myself that he is a little boy and doesn't know any other way to express his discomfort.  Part of it, I think, is that he gets himself worked up over the pain in his ears and then just needs some time to get himself under control.  I am praying that God would give me patience and sympathy for him and that he would have some relief from the pain.

Micah starts finals on Friday, so that means he will be pretty scarce around here for the next 10 days or so.  I can hardly believe that he is going to be finished with the first semester of second year next week.  He is already exhausted, so I am praying for extra strength and perseverance for him.

I have managed to scrap a few pages.  It is the time of year when all the designers are bringing out their Christmas kits, so I am working through pictures of Christmas past:


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