Wednesday's Words

In an effort to pick up blogging again, we are bringing back Wednesday's Words--although it is late Wednesday here, it is still counting in my book.

I have definitely noticed the boys increased use of time references, not always correctly, but certainly humorous. For example, Xavier routinely tells me that something happened several hours/minutes/days ago, emphasis on the "several". Cracks me up.

Yesterday, we were driving in the van somewhere and I was listening to a worship cd by Jami Smith and one of the songs was "Living Water, Bread of Life, satisfy us...."  and William ever attune to song lyrics starts repeating "living water, living water.....what does that EVEN mean?"  any suggestions for explaining living water to a 4 year old?

Tonight at supper, we were talking about their day, what they had for snack, etc (you know, the important things in life!) and Xavier announces that they had crackers for snack, they were "square, like my head".  Yes, my child is forever defining himself by his square head!

And Xavier has taken to calling William "Will"--this is not quite acceptable in William's opinion.  But it creates some entertainment for me :)

I do have a few pages that I have scrapped over the last couple weeks:


Brian Lewis said…
at least "square head" isn't calling him Billy!
Anonymous said…
I love the scrapbook pages...although they made me miss you more:( Joy
Jane said…
Haha! The square head comment makes me laugh! Good to see you this AM even for a sec. Hope tonight goes well!
LaCombe said…
Continued Prayers for you! You are amazing, keeping up with all you do. Just reading it makes me tired, but God always pulls you through. I know about the insurance thing, we are going through it now also. Decisions, UGH! God's word always helps! Love, Kathy Happy Thanksgiving!

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