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A layout

So, I haven't exactly had oodles of time to scrap recently, what with all the traveling and holiday festivities. I actually have like 3 layouts in process, but they seem to be taking forever to complete. I finished this one while we were traveling the week before Christmas. I had been wanting to scrap this photo (which I find hilarious, by the way) forever, but hadn't had the inspiration for it, until this collab kit by the very talented Three Paper Peonies and Paislee Press Book of Firsts came along.

It is so hard to believe that the boys are practically five and when I look back at pictures from when they were little, it certainly makes my heart ache just a bit....okay, more than a bit.  I have grand plans in the new year to actually write down so many of the stories from their first year.  And it invariably makes me think of what other babies we might have had in our family.  The boys have been asking me quite often these last few days about sisters, they have decided that …

A Thousand Gifts, December 27 edition

Continuing my journey of naming A Thousand Gifts, both big and small.   I am finally caught up on posting all that I had written down.  During the weeks before we left on our trip, I had a small notebook that lays by my Bible and in the mornings before everyone was up, I would jot down several things from the day before that I was thankful for, but in the craziness of life those last few weeks never got them posted.  For anyone interested, Ann Voskamp has a book about this very subject that is being released soon.  It is definitely going on my wishlist. #61.  Another semester done. #62.  Boys’ joy at seeing their daddy #63.  Micah’s joy at being done and seeing us #64.   Joyful evening with friends #65.  Rest #66.  A quiet house #67.  Christmas parade and little elves handing out candy and shouts of Merry Christmas #68.  Naps for everyone! #69.  Reminder in church of who Jesus is, the place He should have in our lives at all times and especially at Christmastime #70.  Passion of a children’s pa…

Christmas Song

So, the boys have seriously enjoyed learning Christmas songs for their program a few weeks ago, and this morning, I managed to get a video of them singing Away in a Manger for your viewing pleasure!

We are working hard to help them know that the reason we celebrate Christmas is to remember the greatest gift ever given. Some days, I feel like we are achieving that goal more than others. It is a process as we definitely feel like we are going against the grain of our culture, but it has been a sweet reminder this week as we heard their cousin Camden pray that we remember that it is about Jesus birth and not about how many gifts and toys we get.

May your day be filled with joy at Emmanuel, God with us!

Merry Christmas

With many wishes for a day filled with family  and laughter and reminders of why we celebrate this day:

A Thousand Gifts

from earlier in the month:

#37. His mercies are new every morning, His compassions they fail not, great is they faithfulness. #38.New days—after particularly trying ones, new opportunities to love, to show grace, to live in His light. #39.Craft –loving children—we are all about the scissors, the glue, and the crayons. #40.Last week of semester. #41. Children’s Christmas books—sweet reminders of Jesus’ love for us. #42. 12 Bugs of Christmas—so need to video this one! #43.Facebook—keeping me connected to those I love but are far far away #44.Books like Family Driven Faith—encouraging its readers to follow and establish biblical attitudes and practices in the home. #45.Hysterical laughter with Micah over things that only the two of us could crack up over. #46.For little boys who come up with Holly Charlie (Holly Trolley) and long cuts instead of short cuts #47.The wonder of Christmas through the boys’ eyes. #48.Running errands by myself. #49.Comfort and solace found in Scripture. #50.Friends whose exa…

Christmas festivities

We we come to Nashville, we always know that we are going to busy from the minute we hit the city.  This week has been no exception.  We have visited with friends and family, attended our Nashville church, eaten lots of good food, laughed often and even managed to get lost a few times (thanks to our not so trusty GPS and our forgotten knowledge of the streets and highways of Nashville).  We have been very busy and I haven't always slept very well, but it has been so good.  The boys have loved every minute of staying at cousin Camden's house where the three boys have played hard from the moment they get up in the morning until the minute we force them to go to bed at night.  My parents arrived on Wednesday afternoon and the nonstop fun has continued.  For pictures and some colorful commentary, you can check out Melissa's blog, since she is much better than I am about posting pictures and such.

I am still working on my One Thousand Gifts posts and so a couple of those might …


The last week has been insane.  In theory, it should have been much easier, because Micah was done with school, but for some reason, we just went in warp speed through the week hardly having time to catch our breath. 

Last Friday, Micah and I enjoyed an evening out celebrating with friends the end of finals.  We started the evening by stopping by one of his classmate's house and then headed to the annual Holiday Ball (aka Med School Prom).  We stayed for a couple of hours there (long enough to have dinner--which was actually really good--and to hear the corny awards annoucned) and then went to Yokozuna with some friends for some late night sushi.  The two med students were quite happy to be done with studying for a few weeks and the two med student wives were quite happy to spend some time with our husbands without them feeling like they really ought to be studying.

The next day was the annual Christmas parade in our little town and my brother in law who is the state representativ…

Thank you and update

Yes, I know that I can go for weeks without blogging and here I am blogging twice in one day.  Well, we had some adorable little toys show up on our doorstep this afternoon for the boys, but I am not sure who they are from, so I am posting a pic of the boys with their fun new Green Lantern and Flash in hopes that whoever made their day will shoot me an email so that I can give them a proper thank you!

They seriously love them!!
And remember how earlier today, I was saying that Xavier was doing really well and at least he wasn't in pain, well.....he woke up screaming in pain from his nap.  The doctor still couldn't see us until tomorrow and so we are managing at the moment with ear drops and pain meds, but we would appreciate your prayers.

Micah's last two finals are tomorrow.  YAY!!  for all of us...he would appreciate your prayers too, his biggest and most difficult one is tomorrow at 1.

Finally, if you have a moment, take a few minutes and read through this post by an ama…

What day is it?

That is kind of how I felt when I sat down to type this little bit up....This week is blessedly going by quickly, but I am just feeling like we are headed at light speed toward 2011 and I haven't even had a chance to enjoy 2010.

Just thought I would add a little update on Xavier.  We are still battling infection.  I can't remember if I mentioned on here that it is some sort of fungal infection...and I am being too lazy to go and check...but anyway, it is some sort of fungal infection--who knows where it came from.  But, our doctor is firmly against treating it with antibiotics (apparently, those create an environment where fungus can grow) and so we are doing anti-fungal drops, which, by the way, apparently burn like fire when you have a hole in your ear and the drops seep into the back of your throat.  Also, we have been back to the doctor on Tuesday afternoon and will be heading back again tomorrow.  Somehow, I find it extremely disgusting and slightly disturbing that I can …

Wednesday's Words

So, these posts go so much better when I am actually taking notes through the week. Unfortunately, this has not been the case this week, but here are a few words from our house.I took the boys on Saturday on the Holly Trolley, and Xavier in the retelling of that adventure consistently called it the Holly Charlie--completely cracked me up.Yesterday afternoon we were back at the doctor's office for more cleaning out of Xavier's ear and afterward in the car, I was praising him for being so brave and not crying and William pipes up "and I was being so brave while I was coloring..."  Yes, William, you were.  We were stuck in a LOT of traffic and, to be honest, I can't remember which one (because it has been a week and it was NOT a lot of fun in that car!), but one of them said, "i thought we were going to take a short cut, but it was a long cut."from Micah:  "I am getting up and leaving at the morning"  Yes, he is slightly insane dedicat…

A Thousand Gifts

I tried to conscientiously this week write down specific things every day that  I was thankful for....for the small gifts of grace that were added to my life.  It has been an interesting experience as I have definitely been more aware and am loving actually recording them.

John 1:16 says "and from His fullness, we have all received grace upon grace", I am counting those graces in my life.....

#11.  Christmas music
#12.  accomplishing tasks, checking them off my list
#13.  work from home job
#14.  relative ease of setting boys up on new insurance
#15.  provision..for insurance, for everyday needs, for so many many things
#16.  a willing laundry helper in William--how sweet it was seeing him so devoted to his task of socks and underwear
#17.  laundry done, folded, and put away before dinner
#18.  the uniqueness of the boys--William watching tv in a Santa hat and Xavier in his Indian hat
#19. the richness of God's Word, how it encourages, convicts me, spurs me on to righteo…

Update on Xavier

This has been the craziest week and I don't even know where to start.  Apparently, that pain that Xavier began feeling last Friday night (day after Thanksgiving) was caused by a fungal infection that was growing "gunk" in his ear, creating an immense amount of pressure (i.e. pain) that was causing all of the screaming.  It was horrible, he was just so sad, and there was nothing I could do except administer pain medicine as often as possible.  Looking back, I wish that I had insisted on being seen earlier in the week, but I was calling and talking to them, and well, you know hindsight is 20/20....I don't know.  In some ways, I definitely feel like I let him down and didn't take good enough care of him.  I tried, though, somedays, it is such a balance between being the crazy overprotective mother and the proactive advocate for your child.   It was definitely a rough week in the Derby household.  Thursday afternoon, we were able to see an ENT who cleaned much of the…

Wednesday's Words

A few weeks ago, Xavier was telling me about his Fall Celebration at school.  There is a little boy in their class that has some severe allergies and has to be very careful of the snacks and stuff that he eats.  Well, Xavier is telling me that Ty had something different than they did, because he is allergic.  and this was his next sentence....."I'm  'llergic to squash."  The other night we were talking about what they wanted for Christmas and they decided to make a list--Xavier writing his and having me spell every single word for him, while William opted for me to write his while he made sure that I drew a line under every word.  As we went through their lists, I started to become concerned that they were missing the true meaning of Christmas and was trying to bring it back to the reason we celebrate.  I asked them why we celebrate and they dutifully answered that it was Jesus' birthday.  So, "what do you think that Jesus wants for His birthday? what is on …