Christmas festivities

We we come to Nashville, we always know that we are going to busy from the minute we hit the city.  This week has been no exception.  We have visited with friends and family, attended our Nashville church, eaten lots of good food, laughed often and even managed to get lost a few times (thanks to our not so trusty GPS and our forgotten knowledge of the streets and highways of Nashville).  We have been very busy and I haven't always slept very well, but it has been so good.  The boys have loved every minute of staying at cousin Camden's house where the three boys have played hard from the moment they get up in the morning until the minute we force them to go to bed at night.  My parents arrived on Wednesday afternoon and the nonstop fun has continued.  For pictures and some colorful commentary, you can check out Melissa's blog, since she is much better than I am about posting pictures and such.

I am still working on my One Thousand Gifts posts and so a couple of those might be cropping up over the next couple of days...they are a little bit outdated because I haven't been getting them typed up, but they are still gifts and I am still thankful for them.


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