The last week has been insane.  In theory, it should have been much easier, because Micah was done with school, but for some reason, we just went in warp speed through the week hardly having time to catch our breath. 

Last Friday, Micah and I enjoyed an evening out celebrating with friends the end of finals.  We started the evening by stopping by one of his classmate's house and then headed to the annual Holiday Ball (aka Med School Prom).  We stayed for a couple of hours there (long enough to have dinner--which was actually really good--and to hear the corny awards annoucned) and then went to Yokozuna with some friends for some late night sushi.  The two med students were quite happy to be done with studying for a few weeks and the two med student wives were quite happy to spend some time with our husbands without them feeling like they really ought to be studying.

The next day was the annual Christmas parade in our little town and my brother in law who is the state representative for our district was driving a truck and passing out candy and invited us to walk along with him.  We dressed the boys in some cute little elf pajamas and they had a blast passing out candy, yelling Merry Christmas, and basically being the cutest little elves you have ever seen:

 That evening was a holiday family gathering for some of Micah's extended family.

Sunday evening was the boy's Christmas choir program and let me just tell you, it did not disappoint.  I have been excited for months about the prospect of seeing them in some cute little Christmas program...seriously, it would make me giddy just talking about it.  Sunday night, they marched themselves up on stage, sang at the top of their lungs, waved, smiled, gave us 'big thumbs up', and basically entertained everyone.  I am sure that there were other children putting on a show, but this mommy only saw her sweet little ones.

This week, we spent going to doctor's appointments, closing on our refinance for our house, preparing for Christmas travels, finishing up holiday shopping and baking, visiting with friends, going to Christmas programs, celebrating Christmas, getting our car fixed--all of this in addition to, you know, regularly scheduled work.  It has been insane. 

I am looking forward to visiting with lots of friends and family in the next week and forgetting about the mess of my life left in Oklahoma!


Monica said…
LOVE the elf costumes!!!
You mentioned dr appts...have Xavier's ears healed any? And KUDOS to Micah for finishing exams and staying sane!
Sounds like a wonderful week, although tiring. The boys looks absolutely delightful in their costumes.

Some of my foundest memories are of my children in church Christmas programs. I am sure your children WERE the only stars!

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