Thank you and update

Yes, I know that I can go for weeks without blogging and here I am blogging twice in one day.  Well, we had some adorable little toys show up on our doorstep this afternoon for the boys, but I am not sure who they are from, so I am posting a pic of the boys with their fun new Green Lantern and Flash in hopes that whoever made their day will shoot me an email so that I can give them a proper thank you!

please forgive the blurriness, it was with my phone
They seriously love them!!

And remember how earlier today, I was saying that Xavier was doing really well and at least he wasn't in pain, well.....he woke up screaming in pain from his nap.  The doctor still couldn't see us until tomorrow and so we are managing at the moment with ear drops and pain meds, but we would appreciate your prayers.

Micah's last two finals are tomorrow.  YAY!!  for all of us...he would appreciate your prayers too, his biggest and most difficult one is tomorrow at 1.

Finally, if you have a moment, take a few minutes and read through this post by an amazing lady who is fighting a breast cancer recurrence that has spread to her brain.  She has been through so much in recent months and this post chronicles some amazing things that God has done for her and it is beautiful to see how she is honoring the Lord with her life.


LaCombe said…
Your boys are growing so fast and are just the cutest@ Praying for healing, good exams and just lots and lots of Prayers for strength and patience. God is with and it shows with all you are dealing with, you are so very Blessed! Love ya, and sending Prayers up as I write! Kathy
Melissa said…
I am SO sorry Xavier is having such a tough time. We all prayed for him last night.

And sorry I missed your call. I know this does not exactly sound like me, but I was very involved in the Titans game. :)
Monica said…
Their new toys are so cute! And this may be ugly, but after Xavier's visit tomorrow, if that child wakes up screaming in pain, don't call the doctor's office, just go and let them hear his pain and work him in. They won't leave him screaming in the waiting room very long.

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