A Thousand Gifts, December 27 edition

Continuing my journey of naming A Thousand Gifts, both big and small.   I am finally caught up on posting all that I had written down.  During the weeks before we left on our trip, I had a small notebook that lays by my Bible and in the mornings before everyone was up, I would jot down several things from the day before that I was thankful for, but in the craziness of life those last few weeks never got them posted.  For anyone interested, Ann Voskamp has a book about this very subject that is being released soon.  It is definitely going on my wishlist.
#61.  Another semester done.
#62.  Boys’ joy at seeing their daddy
#63.  Micah’s joy at being done and seeing us
#64.   Joyful evening with friends
#65.  Rest
#66.  A quiet house
#67.  Christmas parade and little elves handing out candy and shouts of Merry Christmas
#68.  Naps for everyone!
#69.  Reminder in church of who Jesus is, the place He should have in our lives at all times and especially at Christmastime
#70.  Passion of a children’s pastor for God.
#71.  Cooking/baking with  Micah
#72.  Boys’ Christmas program—so sweet, so precious, so hilarious, both are blessed with extra doses of personality
#73.  John 21:25  And I suppose if all the other things Jesus did were written down, the whole world could not contain the books.
#74.  Insurance cards in the mail.
#75.  An evening with friends
#76.  Hearing our kids laughter throughout the house
#77.  Xavier’s ears declared clear.
#78.  I Corinthians 4:7  What do you have that God hasn’t given you? And if all you have is from God, why boast as though you have accomplished something on your own.
#79.  Surprising Micah
#80.  Crafts made at school using boys’ handprints—they are growing up too fast!
#81.  Emmanuel—God with us.
#82. Time with family.
#83.  Laughter among sisters.
#84.  Games of Sequence
#85.  Fresh snow
#86.  Christmas goodies (i.e. candy, cookies, chex mix)
#87.  Beauty of the Christmas story shared together with my family
#88.  Safely home
#89.  Sleeping in my own bed.
#90.  Xavier-thankful for our trip.
#91.  William –thankful for Camden and Rory
#92.  A friend’s final radiation appointment
#93.  Good news of  a friend's pregnancy
#94.  Many sweet visits with friends who know us well.
#95.  Going to "our" church in Nashville.


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