A Thousand Gifts

I tried to conscientiously this week write down specific things every day that  I was thankful for....for the small gifts of grace that were added to my life.  It has been an interesting experience as I have definitely been more aware and am loving actually recording them.

John 1:16 says "and from His fullness, we have all received grace upon grace", I am counting those graces in my life.....

#11.  Christmas music
#12.  accomplishing tasks, checking them off my list
#13.  work from home job
#14.  relative ease of setting boys up on new insurance
#15.  provision..for insurance, for everyday needs, for so many many things
#16.  a willing laundry helper in William--how sweet it was seeing him so devoted to his task of socks and underwear
#17.  laundry done, folded, and put away before dinner
#18.  the uniqueness of the boys--William watching tv in a Santa hat and Xavier in his Indian hat
#19. the richness of God's Word, how it encourages, convicts me, spurs me on to righteous living
#20. the freedom to read His Word, to own multiple copies in our home
#21.  easy access to physicians and pharmacies
#22. multitude of miracles in the Gospels--such an awesome display of God's power...open my eyes, oh Lord, to see that same power at work today
#23.  sweet moments snuggling with sick Xavier
#24.  silliness of William, it knows no bounds!
#25.  help of friend picking up William from school while I took X-man to the doctor
#26.  beautiful sunshiny day, cool, but not freezing...just a perfect day
#27. freedom of working from home and two very understanding bosses
#28.  Jesus--our bread of life!
#29.  relief for Xavier
#30.  a good, complete night's sleep for everyone
#31.  brothers, snuggled up together on the couch, of their own accord, one with his arm slung around the other
#32.  from yesterday's sermon..."He never wastes our pain"
#33.  the brightness of Xavier's blue blue eyes
#34.  the hysterical laughter of William
#35.  Hallelujah (Light has Come)--Christmas song by Barlow Girl that I first heard at our Living Christmas Tree production last year--it moves me to tears almost every time
#36.  how hard Micah is working, it isn't easy, but he is doing it...we are doing it
#37.  definition of mercy--when we don't get what we do deserve--what great mercy we receive from the Father every day.  His mercies are new every morning, His compassions they fail not, great is Thy faithfulness.

holy experience


Anonymous said…
What joy your giving thanks gives me--it runs over to become my own prayer of thanks. Love, mom
Amy said…
I love this, Becky! Thanks for reminding me to be more mindful of thanking Him for even the smallest things in my day. I love that song, too. The ladies quartet I'm in sang it last year and we're singing it again this year at Candelight Communion. Wish we sounded as good as Barlow Girl...:)

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