A Thousand Gifts

from earlier in the month:

#37.  His mercies are new every morning, His compassions they fail not, great is they faithfulness.
#38.  New days—after particularly trying ones, new opportunities to love, to show grace, to live in His light.
#39.  Craft –loving children—we are all about the scissors, the glue, and the crayons.
#40.  Last week of semester.
#41. Children’s Christmas books—sweet reminders of Jesus’ love for us.
#42. 12 Bugs of Christmas—so need to video this one!
#43.  Facebook—keeping me connected to those I love but are far far away
#44.  Books like Family Driven Faith—encouraging its readers to follow and establish biblical attitudes and practices in the home.
#45.  Hysterical laughter with Micah over things that only the two of us could crack up over.
#46.  For little boys who come up with Holly Charlie (Holly Trolley) and long cuts instead of short cuts
#47.  The wonder of Christmas through the boys’ eyes.
#48.  Running errands by myself.
#49.  Comfort and solace found in Scripture.
#50.  Friends whose examples encourage me toward loving my boys more and better.
#51.  The Lord your God is with you, He is mighty to save, He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing, he will rejoice over you with shouts of joy.
#52.  Good news from a friend of a clean bill of health after cancer treatment.
#53.  Laughter with that friend over the perspective cancer brings….when I asked him how he was,  “good…well, I’ve had pneumonia, but I’ve been good.”
#54.  For boys who like to write on the “thankful board’
#55.  Xavier who is thankful for Mommmy
#56.  William who is thankful for Sonshine preschool
#57.  The smell of freshly roasted coffee.
#58.  Being friends with my surgeon and simply texting questions to her.
#59.  For funny cards from friends.
#60.  Anticipation of an evening out with friends in celebration of end of finals.


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