Update on Xavier

This has been the craziest week and I don't even know where to start.  Apparently, that pain that Xavier began feeling last Friday night (day after Thanksgiving) was caused by a fungal infection that was growing "gunk" in his ear, creating an immense amount of pressure (i.e. pain) that was causing all of the screaming.  It was horrible, he was just so sad, and there was nothing I could do except administer pain medicine as often as possible.  Looking back, I wish that I had insisted on being seen earlier in the week, but I was calling and talking to them, and well, you know hindsight is 20/20....I don't know.  In some ways, I definitely feel like I let him down and didn't take good enough care of him.  I tried, though, somedays, it is such a balance between being the crazy overprotective mother and the proactive advocate for your child.   It was definitely a rough week in the Derby household.  Thursday afternoon, we were able to see an ENT who cleaned much of the debris out of his ear allowing us to get 2 good nights of sleep with Xavier feeling pretty good.  Then, yesterday afternoon, he started screaming in pain again.  Micah's dad quickly came over (have I mentioned how wonderful it is to have a physician in the family and close by?) and saw that there was again a large buildup in his ear and decided to irrigate it with warm water.  The good news was that this effectively cleared out much of the nasty debris, but along with that debris also came his ear tube.   Yeah, now, all of this feels like it has basically been for nothing.  I am calling our doctor first thing in the morning to figure out what our plan of action needs to be.  It has been very frustrating since I have managed to see two different docs in the group as well as speak to two different 'on-call' docs--all of whom seem to have varying opinions of how things should be handled.  I am just praying for wisdom to know whose opinion to go with.  And did I mention that Micah is in the midst of finals?  and did you know that that means that he is pretty much gone 24/7?  and did you know that I really am okay with it, it is just not always easy--especially on weeks like this one.   I have been so thankful for having a boss that is my father-in-law who understands the craziness of this week and also for it being a fairly light work week.  I am also thankful that my other coffee boss was incredibly understanding, assuring me that family always comes first--even though he was out of town and I was supposed to have extra responsibilities this week. 

The good news is that Xavier seems to be feeling okay and hasn't been complaining about his ear.  We were able to enjoy a decent weekend.  We shopped with Micah's mom on Friday, went and rode the Holly Trolley around Owasso (complete with a ride with Santa)  along with cousin Q on Saturday, and cooked a meal to take to starving med school students on Saturday night.  Today was church and then kids choir for the boys tonight and small group for me.  I am hoping that this next week brings a bit more of a return to routine, although it is already chock full of extra appointments and stuff.  Fortunately, Friday is in sight and that is the end of Micah's semester!  There will be a collective squeal of joy from the Derby household come Friday evening! 

And in the midst of it all, I even managed to scrap a couple of pages:


Monica said…
OH, that poor kid! (and Mom!) You know, it wouldn't hurt to mention to his doctor that every time you saw or talked to a different doctor they had a different opinion. I think they are often unaware of such situations, and that doesn't do anyone any good. :( Pray you get some consistent answers soon!
Amy said…
Oh, Becky! I'm so sorry about Xavier. Bless his heart and your's too! Glad he's feeling better and hope he continues to. I can't believe the semester will be over for Micah this week. I'm happy for him but even more happy for you!! :)
Oh gracious Becky. :( Hate you had a hard week and that his tubes came out but just read your Wed Words so I'm hoping that he is feeling better after the doctor's visit. Praying for you guys and so excited for you that Micah only has one more day this semester. I KNOW you are thrilled!! Have a great, relaxing weekend!

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