Wednesday's Words

  • A few weeks ago, Xavier was telling me about his Fall Celebration at school.  There is a little boy in their class that has some severe allergies and has to be very careful of the snacks and stuff that he eats.  Well, Xavier is telling me that Ty had something different than they did, because he is allergic.  and this was his next sentence....."I'm  'llergic to squash."  
  • The other night we were talking about what they wanted for Christmas and they decided to make a list--Xavier writing his and having me spell every single word for him, while William opted for me to write his while he made sure that I drew a line under every word.  As we went through their lists, I started to become concerned that they were missing the true meaning of Christmas and was trying to bring it back to the reason we celebrate.  I asked them why we celebrate and they dutifully answered that it was Jesus' birthday.  So, "what do you think that Jesus wants for His birthday? what is on His list?"  With out missing a beat, Xavier replies, "gold, frankincense, and myrhh.." (definitely in a tone of "duh, how could you not know that?")  completely cracked me up.


Monica said…
Come on, Becky! How could you not know what Jesus wants! :) And I love the differences of their personalities in how they made out their lists! That is so neat.
listgirl said…
Hi Becky! I was just catching up on your blog and your busy life! I haven't been scrapping either and it bothers me, LOL.

I love the thousand gifts idea. I'm thinking of doing something similar, but only 365 days.

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