Wednesday's Words

So, these posts go so much better when I am actually taking notes through the week. Unfortunately, this has not been the case this week, but here are a few words from our house.
  • I took the boys on Saturday on the Holly Trolley, and Xavier in the retelling of that adventure consistently called it the Holly Charlie--completely cracked me up.
  • Yesterday afternoon we were back at the doctor's office for more cleaning out of Xavier's ear and afterward in the car, I was praising him for being so brave and not crying and William pipes up "and I was being so brave while I was coloring..."  Yes, William, you were.  
  • We were stuck in a LOT of traffic and, to be honest, I can't remember which one (because it has been a week and it was NOT a lot of fun in that car!), but one of them said, "i thought we were going to take a short cut, but it was a long cut."
  • from Micah:  "I am getting up and leaving at the morning"  Yes, he is slightly insane dedicated.  This morning, I was convinced that he was up in the middle of the night and couldn't figure out why and finally realized that it was just him getting up to leave.
  • my mantra yesterday:  His mercies are new every morning, His compassions they fail not, great is Thy faithfulness.


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