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One Thousand Gifts, January 31

Continuing my journey toward One Thousand Gifts....

#155.The rapt attention and looks of wonder on the boys’ faces as I begin reading the Magician’s Nephew to them. #156.A work from home job that allows for light work on days when I don’t feel well. #157.Bittersweet reminders of another life that we lived.I’m thankful for that other life and how I am different because of it. #158.An amazing testimony of a woman from church who is living out her faith every single day. #159.A new day after a very difficult (lots of ‘bad mommy’ moments)…so thankful for new mercies every single day. #160.That God is gracious with me even when I so don’t deserve it. #161.The sweetness of looking into God’s Word with another believer. #162.Moments to be quiet. #163.Stolen moments to read a few (or many) pages from a book. #164.A hug from my husband after a particularly hard day. #165.Laughter, giggles, silliness #166.Warm days in January #167.Joy of boys running around the zoo #168.Beauty of God’s created beings basking…

2011, Week 4


New Days

I am so thankful for new days.  Yesterday was not a fun day to me.  I wasn't feeling well, first of all.  The boys were the boys.  If you have read this blog for any length of time, I hope you know that there is no end to my love and adoration for my boys.  Let me tell you, though, yesterday I thought I just might find the end of it.   They are just wild, rambunctious, joyful, spirited, crazy....and any other high energy adjective you can think of....that is pretty much how they live life.  For which, I am overwhelmingly thankful. knew a 'but' was coming, right?  But, there are days when their energy coupled with their fallen sinful natures and Micah being gone a LOT of the time.....oh and I guess my fallen sinful nature too....anyway, all of that comes together in the perfect storm of me hearing myself talk/scream/speak sternly to my boys and not really liking the way it sounds.  Before I had children, I probably would not have said that I struggled all that m…

When Sharing is Bad

When you have kids, most people would agree that you are always talking up the good things about sharing, how it is the right thing to do, how kind it is, how it is what Jesus would want us to do.  Well, I am here to tell you that when your kids share their sickness with you, it is not a good thing at all.  The boys started having runny noses over the weekend, slight coughs, basically your run of the mill colds.  And yesterday, I managed to get in on that gift.  I could tell that I was starting to come down with it and so basically just kept pushing myself to get done as much as I could for fear that I would hit a wall and my laundry would not be done, my work unfinished, etc.  I managed to get all my laundry done, dinner cooked, and paperwork finished, and this afternoon, I have just kind of crashed.  Of course, the boys have bounced right back and I am hoping that I will also be bouncing right back as well. 

I am not sure what the point of this post is, but I thought I could at leas…

One Thousand Gifts, January 24

Continuing the journey toward one thousand gifts:

#143.Eight years of marriage to a wonderful husband #144.Watching our wedding video and remembering what a sweet joy filled day that it was #145.For a wonderful mom who has lived her life as an example for me in marriage, in motherhood, in her spiritual life #146.Snow days and reasons to stay in your pjs all day long #147.My boys who still want to sit and snuggle with me while watching a movie #148.The quick forgiveness of my boys when I have become irrationally angry with them, may I have that same quick forgiveness and grace with others #149. The glory of a sunset #150.Wise counsel #151.Prayers of friends #152.“Amazing love, how can it be, that you, my king, should die for me?” #153.Family dinners on Sundays #154.Being present, taking part in a church’s transfer of leadership after 37 years of a senior pastor, being confident that our new pastor is going to continue to lead in a godly manner.

2011, Week 3

Carrying on:

I didn't realize until I put this together that the pics are mostly of Micah and I.  We got to do several fun things together this week.  I did decide that it was okay though, b/c there are weeks of life that contain zero pictures of us, so it will be good for the boys to know that the world doesn't completely revolve around them!

Snow Day

After reading about my sister's many snow days, when the weathermen announced that we had possible snow in our future, I was ready for a day when I had an excuse to stay in my pajamas all day and to cuddle up with the boys.  Our weather did not disappoint and we ended up with probably 3-4 inches of really beautiful, powdery snow.  Micah got up early as usual and drove in to school, only to find out a couple hours after arriving that they even he was getting a snow day.   "A few hours after he arrived?" you ask.  Well, yes, because he left at 4:30 and they didn't cancel classes until about 7 to 7:30.  Fortunately, he was able to spend the day getting some extra studying done and came home and spent the evening with us.  The boys and I fully enjoyed our snow day.  I spent some time leisurely reading this morning, finishing up The Boy in the Striped Pajamas which was excellent, a fairly quick read, and thought provoking/sad all at the same time.  Mid morning, we got all…

Januarys are for celebrating

There are so many celebrations for our family in January.  The boys' birthday, our anniversary, their cousin's birthday, both of their grandmother's birthdays.....and now that I am typing this out, I keep thinking I am forgetting someone.  Today is my mom's birthday and the boys made her a little video:

If you know my mom, you know that I am blessed a thousand different ways with her. I love you, mom. So thankful for you and the godly influence you have been in my life.

P.S. the boys completely choreographed on their own!

One icy night in Nashville....

.....eight years ago, many family and friends gathered to witness the beginning of our life together as husband and wife.  To commemorate the day, I pulled out the video of our rehearsal and wedding and made us all sit down together to watch it.  
There was laughter as we watched the guys on our team who had documented the evening in a very entertaining manner and we laughed hysterically as we recalled forgotten moments.  
There were bittersweet tears as we listened to vows that have more meaning now than we ever could have imagined that they would.
There were joyful tears as we remembered just how happy everyone was for us.
There was the sweetness of seeing so many who we love who continue to play significant roles in our lives.  Thankfulness for good friends who have supported us, loved us, laughed and cried with us.
There was joy of seeing our boys' reaction as they heard the girls from a Sunday School class that I taught with my best friend singing a blessing ("may the Lord bl…

One Thousand Gifts, January 17

Continuing my journey of naming One Thousand Gifts.... 
#124.  An Armor of God puzzle that we can all work on together and then talk about that armor together #125.  That William says pupcakes instead of cupcakes #126.  A garage to put my car in #127.  Heat, warm coats, all of the things we take so much for granted #128.  Coffee that is ready when I wake up #129.  Micah’s dedication to studying and to our family #130.  The faith of others that spurs me on to a deeper walk #131.  A quiet house #132.  A promise of a visit with a new friend #133.  God’s word put to music #134.  Game night #135.  Fridays #136.  A clean house #137.  The example of Noah—he built an ark #138.  X—Daddy #139.  W—naps #140.  Another morning at church, another sermon that draws me to examine how I am spending my days #141.  Honest, frank discussion that at times brings pain, but is a gift nonetheless #142.  Moments with Micah over the weekend, enjoying the time before the studying intensifies
 I think I mentioned on here before tha…

2011, Week 2

Since it is only the second week of 52 weeks, I will refrain from patting myself on the back for keeping up with this! :)

The good and the bad

The good news:  It's Friday The bad news:  that means it's cleaning day The good news:  I have managed to stay on top of keeping the house picked up this week, so hopefully it won't be too bad. #2:
The bad news:  I have had serious sleep issues this week The good news:  I got in bed at like 8:45 last night, watched a little tv and was asleep by 10ish (at the latest). The bad news:  I did NOT want to get out bed this morning The good news:  I did.  Inspired by my husband who has been getting out of bed and leaving our house at 4:30 every single morning.  His dedication to studying is inspiring. #3: The good news: I have exercised twice this week and hoping for once or twice more The bad news:  I have also been "cleaning out" the cabinets of all chocolate related items #4: The good news:  I scrapped 3 times this week The bad news:  I probably should have put the computer down and gone to bed (see bad news #2)

Wednesday's Words

Xavier quoting Scripture on Monday:  "no Scripture is expired by God."......I am pretty sure he meant, "all Scripture is inspired by God."We have been listening to Keys for Kids in the mornings and they sing the old kids song "the joy of the Lord is my strength" and William has been going around singing that in a very high pitched voice--pretty cute, but not exactly in tune!This morning, the lesson was about a little boy losing his temper and saying unkind words.  So, after it was over, I was testing their comprehension and asking what the lesson was about and William comes up with this..."a little boy who lost his temperature."Books I am currently reading:
Family Driven Faith--almost done, and it has been so incredibly good, challenging, and encouraging.31 Days of Prayer--A friend gave me this several years ago and I haven't had it out in a while and I am enjoying going through it again.I just finished up the last book in the Harry Potter se…

Happy Happy Birthday

No pictures tonight, I am going to have to save those for maybe tomorrow.  Just had to at least be a bit reflective about my boys fifth birthday.  For weeks, they have been excited about their birthday and how they are going to turn five and for weeks, I have been telling them that under no circumstances were they allowed to turn five.  I needed for them to stay my babies just a bit longer, that I was going to put bricks on their heads, etc.  Just this last weekend, we reached an agreement that as long as they would still sit on my lap and cuddle with me occasionally, then I would let them turn five.  I guess if I am being honest, I feel like five is just so "big kid", they are definitely out of the toddler stage, but four still sounds young.  Five on the other hand just feels so much is definitely a milestone.  And as I had my quiet time this morning and was thinking of that milestone and praying, I confess to a big ugly cry over the whole deal....not necessarily…

One Thousand Gifts, January 10

Continuing my journey of naming One Thousand Gifts:

#107.Celebrating birthdays #108.An early morning quiet time #109.Working towards a routine again ( I realize that #98 said back to routine, but let’s be honest, we aren’t quite there!) #110.A study in Hebrews that is reminding me and challenging me about living a life of faith #111.Music that encourages, soothes #112.Mr. Tippett who was a lived a life that pointed everyone he met towards the Lord and walked into the presence of the King of Kings, free of cancer, free of pain, leaving a legacy of one who honored the Lord #113.Young Survivors group, new faces and familiar friends #114.A clean house #115.Dinner parties with friends #116.A quiet house while Micah studies and the boys sleep #117.Teaching the boys how to play Rummy, so much fun to watch them make decisions and squeal when they get the card they want #118.Joy of a tribe in New Guinea receiving the Bible in their own language. #119.Puzzles together #120.Lunch with family #121.William’s joy…

Birthday at Ollies

I always like to think that lots of great people were born in November--you know, myself, my sister, and I have had several friends through the years born in November.  But, I am starting to think that January may be rivaling November for most birthdays and best people.  My mother in law, my mom, my boys, and their cousin Q all share January as their birthday month.  Their cousin is only a year and four days older than them and one of their very best buddies.  The 3 boys share a love of trains and this year we did a little family party at an old diner called Ollies Station that sits right next to a train track and has no small amount of electric trains set up inside.  It is a favorite restaurant for all three boys and we had a great morning of fun with them.
Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Have I mentioned how sad I am that my boys are turning 5?  The years have definitely passed quickly!

2011, Week 1

So, here is my first attempt at completing Project 365, documenting our year through pictures.   

I decided to make it easy on myself and use these templates each week and skip any embellishments.

Looking ahead

So, I have decided that January is continuing the theme of pretty much all of 2010 and is moving full speed ahead while I am still trying to live it leisurely.  We have managed to stay quite busy this week with the boys heading back to school, me trying to get caught up on work after our two trips over the last few weeks, tackling the laundry mountain, and we even managed to take another little side trip with some friends to visit Arcadia, OK yesterday.  That is a completely different post that will contain pictures and stories. 

Ahead today is school for the boys, 5 year old doctor's appointments (although I am still trying to convince them to remain 4), Young Survivors meeting tonight for me.  Tomorrow, Micah heads back to school and then we are having the second annual back to school dinner for med school friends.  Saturday is the boys' birthday breakfast with cousin Quentin at Ollies and then their actual birthday is Monday.   Life is just busy, I have resigned myself to t…

A Thousand Gifts

Continuing to name One Thousand Gifts....

#96. Sunshine #97.  Start of a new year, beginnings #98.  Back to a routine #99.  A few more days with Micah before school begins for him #100.  Church yesterday, a sermon with a passionate plea to live a life a worship #101.  A pastor who desires a life a worship #102.  Road trips with my family #103.  Seeing new states (hello, Texas!) #104.  Possibilities for the future #105.  Discussing Family Driven Faith with Micah #106.  A shared desire to teach our boys how to live a life of faith, a life that is devoted to God, to have a family that is devoted to God.

To Resolve or Not?

I welcomed 2011 last night by being fast asleep in my own bed---not too exciting, but it felt pretty perfect to me. We have been so busy these last few weeks, and we had just gotten home from yet another little trip that tucking myself into bed early seemed like the best way to ring in the new year.  A friend called me this morning and we chatted a bit about resolutions and whether or not I had made any and I have been catching up a bit on my blog reading and seeing others' posts about new year's resolutions.  I still haven't decided whether or not to make official ones.  I went back and read my post from last year and decided that while those were definitely good goals, some of them were pretty difficult to measure.  I accomplished some, halfway achieved others, and failed miserably on a couple.  So, this year, I am just calling them goals (not that it really matters), and I am listing things that I want to start doing or to continue doing.

Goals for 2011:
Do Project 365-…