Birthday at Ollies

I always like to think that lots of great people were born in November--you know, myself, my sister, and I have had several friends through the years born in November.  But, I am starting to think that January may be rivaling November for most birthdays and best people.  My mother in law, my mom, my boys, and their cousin Q all share January as their birthday month.  Their cousin is only a year and four days older than them and one of their very best buddies.  The 3 boys share a love of trains and this year we did a little family party at an old diner called Ollies Station that sits right next to a train track and has no small amount of electric trains set up inside.  It is a favorite restaurant for all three boys and we had a great morning of fun with them.
Here are some of my favorite pictures:

Can I say how over the fake smile I am?

Not sure why William looks so glazed, but X and Q have the right idea!

this little guy loves his grandma!

extra points for anyone who can tell which boy this one is right off...Micah and I both had to double check!

three happy boys with their grandma, please ignore the bad photography, sometimes I think my manual skills are more advanced than they are :)
Have I mentioned how sad I am that my boys are turning 5?  The years have definitely passed quickly!


Anonymous said…
Moving right along....birthday # 5.
Wow, and what sweet boys! Wish we could webcam. They are growing sooo
fast! Love to all, Great Gma E.
Tia said…
Happy 5th birthday to your big guys!!! Too cute!
What a wonderful way to celebrate their birthdays! My mom and Caroline and Daniel were all born in November so I think it's a pretty special month too! Enjoyed catching up on your blog and am super impressed that you blogged during the Christmas season. I also am enjoying the One Thousand Gifts. It's a great reminder for me when I see your list to think about all the small (and big) things I have to be thankful for.
Happy Birthday Xavier and William!!

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