The good and the bad

The good news:  It's Friday
The bad news:  that means it's cleaning day
The good news:  I have managed to stay on top of keeping the house picked up this week, so hopefully it won't be too bad.
The bad news:  I have had serious sleep issues this week
The good news:  I got in bed at like 8:45 last night, watched a little tv and was asleep by 10ish (at the latest).
The bad news:  I did NOT want to get out bed this morning
The good news:  I did.  Inspired by my husband who has been getting out of bed and leaving our house at 4:30 every single morning.  His dedication to studying is inspiring.
The good news: I have exercised twice this week and hoping for once or twice more
The bad news:  I have also been "cleaning out" the cabinets of all chocolate related items
The good news:  I scrapped 3 times this week
The bad news:  I probably should have put the computer down and gone to bed (see bad news #2)


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