Happy Happy Birthday

No pictures tonight, I am going to have to save those for maybe tomorrow.  Just had to at least be a bit reflective about my boys fifth birthday.  For weeks, they have been excited about their birthday and how they are going to turn five and for weeks, I have been telling them that under no circumstances were they allowed to turn five.  I needed for them to stay my babies just a bit longer, that I was going to put bricks on their heads, etc.  Just this last weekend, we reached an agreement that as long as they would still sit on my lap and cuddle with me occasionally, then I would let them turn five.  I guess if I am being honest, I feel like five is just so "big kid", they are definitely out of the toddler stage, but four still sounds young.  Five on the other hand just feels so much older...it is definitely a milestone.  And as I had my quiet time this morning and was thinking of that milestone and praying, I confess to a big ugly cry over the whole deal....not necessarily because they are five (although, that does make me sad), but because I was just so grateful and happy to be here to see it.  I was kind of surprised by all the emotion, but when I was talking to Micah about it tonight I think I realized that although I feel like I have always been pretty upbeat and positive about my diagnosis and prognosis, I don't know that I ever really let myself imagine getting to be here, to be present for the those big events, and I am just so glad...so eternally thankful that I got to celebrate their fifth birthday.

We had lots of happy moments today.  We ate cupcakes for breakfast, ramen noodle soup for lunch (their favorite), cheeseburgers, french fries, and green beans for supper.  They have very refined palates, these two!  Spent some time this morning playing their Leapsters....I normally have very strict limits on how long they can play them, but since it was their birthday, I let them play for an extended time today.  Got two super fun puzzles in the mail (they were a big hit, Mom!)  We picked their cousin up from school and came home and played outside for a few minutes as it snowed, then warmed up with some hot cocoa.  Had a sweet phone call from cousin Rory--not sure if either of them really understood the other, but it was sweet from our end hearing them talking.  Ended the evening with Red Velvet cupcakes....their request (and most likely a result of watching one too many Cupcake Wars with us)...and played with some new Batmobile/Batcycle toy-things.

Happy Birthday, my sweet boys.  You are some of the best things in my life and I am so thankful that God let me be your mommy.  You are growing up way too fast for my liking, and while there are definitely moments when our life feels insanely crazy, when I stop for just a moment, I know that our life is good and I wouldn't trade a moment of our craziness. I love that you both have a zest for life, you are passionate about just about everything that you encounter, you love each other so much, you are affectionate and kind.  You love reading the Jesus Storybook Bible and ask me to say a blessing over you each night.  Your memories never cease to amaze me and your vocabularies are growing leaps and bounds.  Thanks for all the sweet hugs and kisses, the "mommy, you're the best"s--none of that ever gets old.  I pray your sixth year is filled with many many good things.  Happy Birthday, Xavier.  Happy Birthday, William.


Tia said…
I enjoy your reflections...and I'm so glad you are around to enjoy your family and crazy life. :)
listgirl said…
Happy birthday William and Xavier! Loved reading this Becky!

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