Looking ahead

So, I have decided that January is continuing the theme of pretty much all of 2010 and is moving full speed ahead while I am still trying to live it leisurely.  We have managed to stay quite busy this week with the boys heading back to school, me trying to get caught up on work after our two trips over the last few weeks, tackling the laundry mountain, and we even managed to take another little side trip with some friends to visit Arcadia, OK yesterday.  That is a completely different post that will contain pictures and stories. 

Ahead today is school for the boys, 5 year old doctor's appointments (although I am still trying to convince them to remain 4), Young Survivors meeting tonight for me.  Tomorrow, Micah heads back to school and then we are having the second annual back to school dinner for med school friends.  Saturday is the boys' birthday breakfast with cousin Quentin at Ollies and then their actual birthday is Monday.   Life is just busy, I have resigned myself to that.  I am trying to soak up the time with Micah because I know that once he heads back to school, although it will help with our living life in a routine, that routine life also gets harder for everyone. 

And now that I am completely bored with this post, I will end with a little story that should have been included in a post yesterday  called Wednesday's Words, but well, I just never got around to it! :)

While we were in Nashville, we visited the Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas lights, you can see pictures here on my sister's blog.  The boys in general when we are with their cousins are flying high all the time--because they just love each other so much and have so much fun when they are together.  But, we had maybe overstayed our time at the Hotel and Melissa and I were (as always) attempting to get pictures of them in front of the Christmas tree.  And my boys were  (as always) not looking at the camera, not sitting still, and basically making me want to scream (and at the same time feel bad for wanting to scream because, hello, it is a picture, not so important in the grand scheme of things).  But, we were walking away and I was frustrated and Micah was holding Xavier's hand and said, "buddy, are you excited?"  and Xavier immediately replies, "yeah, a little bit too much, I think!"  All we could do was laugh, because that was exactly the case.  They are growing up way too fast (this might be a theme on the blog as their birthday approaches, just warning you.).

Happy Thursday!


LaCombe said…
We were in Nashville beginning of Dec for TDF Christmas Program and went to Opry Land Hotel as well. So Beautiful! Wish the mall had opened back up though. Miss you! Love Kathy

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