One icy night in Nashville....

.....eight years ago, many family and friends gathered to witness the beginning of our life together as husband and wife.  To commemorate the day, I pulled out the video of our rehearsal and wedding and made us all sit down together to watch it.  

There was laughter as we watched the guys on our team who had documented the evening in a very entertaining manner and we laughed hysterically as we recalled forgotten moments.  

There were bittersweet tears as we listened to vows that have more meaning now than we ever could have imagined that they would.

There were joyful tears as we remembered just how happy everyone was for us.

There was the sweetness of seeing so many who we love who continue to play significant roles in our lives.  Thankfulness for good friends who have supported us, loved us, laughed and cried with us.

There was joy of seeing our boys' reaction as they heard the girls from a Sunday School class that I taught with my best friend singing a blessing ("may the Lord bless you and keep you...")--the same blessing we pray over them each night.

There was love between two people who maybe couldn't be more different, yet who God brought together and has given eight years filled with many good and happy memories, a fair share of difficult ones, and a multitude of things to be thankful for.  

Today, I am thankful that God allowed me to marry Micah. 
That He has given us eight years of life together.


Anonymous said…
How wonderfull, Becky! Again we are thankful for technology to record such a sweet event. And yes, we all remember the ice/snow--who could forget, even w/o the video :) Love you all so much!
Happy Anniversary! Gma E
LaCombe said…
A Very Happy Anniversary, Becky and Micah! You two are so very Blessed and I know that God put you two together! You are such a wittness for us all! Love ya!
Monica said…
Happy Anniversary! And may your next eight be years be much less of a whirlwind, but even happier!
What sweet, tender memories. It would do us all well to go back to that day often and remember those feelings and our promises to one another. How fun for your boys to be able to witness it!
listgirl said…
Aww that's so wonderful! Congrats to you and Micah! I always tear up reading about other people's anniversaries.
Brittany said…
That was a great night! I'm so blessed to call both of you my friends!

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