One Thousand Gifts, January 10

Continuing my journey of naming One Thousand Gifts:

#107.  Celebrating birthdays
#108.  An early morning quiet time
#109.  Working towards a routine again ( I realize that #98 said back to routine, but let’s be honest, we aren’t quite there!)
#110.  A study in Hebrews that is reminding me and challenging me about living a life of faith
#111.  Music that encourages, soothes
#112.  Mr. Tippett who was a lived a life that pointed everyone he met towards the Lord and walked into the presence of the King of Kings, free of cancer, free of pain, leaving a legacy of one who honored the Lord
#113.  Young Survivors group, new faces and familiar friends
#114.  A clean house
#115.  Dinner parties with friends
#116.  A quiet house while Micah studies and the boys sleep
#117.  Teaching the boys how to play Rummy, so much fun to watch them make decisions and squeal when they get the card they want
#118.  Joy of a tribe in New Guinea receiving the Bible in their own language.
#119.  Puzzles together
#120.  Lunch with family
#121.  William’s joy at having his turn at sleeping on the top bunk
#122.  Shouts of joy when the sound of the garage door opener is heard
#123.  Seeing my boys turn 5 years old


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