One Thousand Gifts, January 17

Continuing my journey of naming One Thousand Gifts.... 

#124.  An Armor of God puzzle that we can all work on together and then talk about that armor together
#125.  That William says pupcakes instead of cupcakes
#126.  A garage to put my car in
#127.  Heat, warm coats, all of the things we take so much for granted
#128.  Coffee that is ready when I wake up
#129.  Micah’s dedication to studying and to our family
#130.  The faith of others that spurs me on to a deeper walk
#131.  A quiet house
#132.  A promise of a visit with a new friend
#133.  God’s word put to music
#134.  Game night
#135.  Fridays
#136.  A clean house
#137.  The example of Noah—he built an ark
#138.  X—Daddy
#139.  W—naps
#140.  Another morning at church, another sermon that draws me to examine how I am spending my days
#141.  Honest, frank discussion that at times brings pain, but is a gift nonetheless
#142.  Moments with Micah over the weekend, enjoying the time before the studying intensifies

 I think I mentioned on here before that there is a book coming out about this very subject.  It's release date is tomorrow and here is a video trailer for it.  If you have a few minutes, I definitely recommend checking it out.   I am looking forward to reading my copy.


Anonymous said…
Awesome video! Mom

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