One Thousand Gifts, January 24

Continuing the journey toward one thousand gifts:

#143.  Eight years of marriage to a wonderful husband
#144.  Watching our wedding video and remembering what a sweet joy filled day that it was
#145.   For a wonderful mom who has lived her life as an example for me in marriage, in motherhood, in her spiritual life
#146.  Snow days and reasons to stay in your pjs all day long
#147.  My boys who still want to sit and snuggle with me while watching a movie
#148.  The quick forgiveness of my boys when I have become irrationally angry with them, may I have that same quick forgiveness and grace with others
#149. The glory of a sunset
#150.  Wise counsel
#151.  Prayers of friends
#152.  “Amazing love, how can it be, that you, my king, should die for me?”
#153.  Family dinners on Sundays
#154.  Being present, taking part in a church’s transfer of leadership after 37 years of a senior pastor, being confident that our new pastor is going to continue to lead in a godly manner.


Anonymous said…
You didn't know what a blessing your Thousand Gifts would be to others did you? Thanks for writing them down and posting them for others to see. I find myself saying thanks more because of your thanks.

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