One Thousand Gifts, January 31

Continuing my journey toward One Thousand Gifts....

#155.  The rapt attention and looks of wonder on the boys’ faces as I begin reading the Magician’s Nephew to them.
#156.  A work from home job that allows for light work on days when I don’t feel well.
#157.  Bittersweet reminders of another life that we lived.  I’m thankful for that other life and how I am different because of it.
#158.  An amazing testimony of a woman from church who is living out her faith every single day. 
#159.  A new day after a very difficult (lots of ‘bad mommy’ moments)…so thankful for new mercies every single day.
#160.  That God is gracious with me even when I so don’t deserve it.
#161.  The sweetness of looking into God’s Word with another believer.
#162.  Moments to be quiet.
#163.  Stolen moments to read a few (or many) pages from a book.
#164.  A hug from my husband after a particularly hard day.
#165.  Laughter, giggles, silliness
#166.  Warm days in January
#167.  Joy of boys running around the zoo
#168.  Beauty of God’s created beings basking in the warm sun—animals and people alike
#169.  A sweet Saturday spent with my boys
#170.  Little hands tucked warmly in mine as we skip back from the park
#171.  William wanting to just sit and snuggle with me in the chair waiting for daddy to get home
#172.  A new ENT for Xavier and clear ears.


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