Snow Day

After reading about my sister's many snow days, when the weathermen announced that we had possible snow in our future, I was ready for a day when I had an excuse to stay in my pajamas all day and to cuddle up with the boys.  Our weather did not disappoint and we ended up with probably 3-4 inches of really beautiful, powdery snow.  Micah got up early as usual and drove in to school, only to find out a couple hours after arriving that they even he was getting a snow day.   "A few hours after he arrived?" you ask.  Well, yes, because he left at 4:30 and they didn't cancel classes until about 7 to 7:30.  Fortunately, he was able to spend the day getting some extra studying done and came home and spent the evening with us.  The boys and I fully enjoyed our snow day.  I spent some time leisurely reading this morning, finishing up The Boy in the Striped Pajamas which was excellent, a fairly quick read, and thought provoking/sad all at the same time.  Mid morning, we got all bundled up and headed outside to see if we could build a snowman.  Unfortunately, the snow was way to powdery to stick together for a snowman, but the boys had a blast anyway as evidenced below:

Xavier giving it his all!

We did Upside Down Snow Angels
Sweet William

and Xavier
after we came is hard to tell how rosy their cheeks are and how much snow was on Xavier's face and scarf from those upside down snow angels.

 This afternoon, while they napped, I forced myself to do a few hours of work.  There are positives and negatives to working from home....the positive is that I don't have to get out in bad weather, the negative is that I still have the ability to work, even if everyone else is getting a snow day. 

I keep trying to think of other fun stuff to report on, but can't think of anything else.  Just wanted to share these pics, because in my completely unbiased opinion, I think they are pretty cute!


LaCombe said…
They had a blast and look very happy to be in the snow. As for me, I don't like snow so much, since I was raised in Michigan and saw enough for my life time. Burr! So, miss Michigan, yes, snow not so much! Love ya, Kathy
Anonymous said…
We had snow too. We didn't get out, nor make snow angels (:
I didn't see any snowmen in our neighborhood--too dry, also.
But what did the twins care, huh?
Gma E.

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