Wednesday's Words

  • Xavier quoting Scripture on Monday:  "no Scripture is expired by God."......I am pretty sure he meant, "all Scripture is inspired by God."
  • We have been listening to Keys for Kids in the mornings and they sing the old kids song "the joy of the Lord is my strength" and William has been going around singing that in a very high pitched voice--pretty cute, but not exactly in tune!
  • This morning, the lesson was about a little boy losing his temper and saying unkind words.  So, after it was over, I was testing their comprehension and asking what the lesson was about and William comes up with this..."a little boy who lost his temperature."
Books I am currently reading:
  • Family Driven Faith--almost done, and it has been so incredibly good, challenging, and encouraging.
  •  31 Days of Prayer--A friend gave me this several years ago and I haven't had it out in a while and I am enjoying going through it again.
  • I just finished up the last book in the Harry Potter series and have yet to make a decision on another 'fun' book to read, so any suggestions would be appreciated!
And a layout I haven't shared yet from a visit from our dear friends Shane and Joy when the boys were about 16 months old:


Monica said…
So what did you think about the ending of Harry Potter?
And I like the fact that God's word doesn't "expire"
Anonymous said…
Becky, so glad that you can get "Keys for Kids"! Wonderful Christ centered program, if it's the one your mom listened to as a child. Sounds like it! Gma Elledge

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