Catch up and 2011, Week 6

Well, this week came and went without me even getting my One Thousand Gifts post up.  Can I just say that I would rather not recap this week?  It was a rough one, although it ended well for which I am thankful.  I know that God will redeem those moments that were not so pretty or fun.  And I choose to trust that He is working them for good in my life.

We had yet another snow storm here on Wednesday bringing us another 8-10 inches of snow. It was hard to get an accurate measure because of the snow that we already had and the fact that there was much drifting.  The good news is that this week it is going to be close to 70.  Seriously?  Crazy Oklahoma weather is all I have to say about that.  The boys have been out of school for two weeks and I have begun to fear summer.  Although I know that in the summertime I can just send them out back to play outside for a while.

The other news that we got this week was Micah's rotation schedule.  We were quite pleased with the rotations that he has scheduled.  The world of med school is like a whole new culture/world with its own vocabulary that is somewhat confusing.  So, I am just going to say that we were pleased, he will be doing the majority of his rotations for the first year here in Tulsa, so that is good news for us. 

I did manage to get my P365 page done and wanted to post it.


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