It's been a week

It has been a week here, let me tell you!  It hasn't necessarily been a bad week, but it has definitely been a week.  It started last weekend going out of town which was a quick trip where we managed to see a ton of family and friends and share some just really sweet precious time together.  It isn't every day that you get to celebrate a 60th anniversary and I was so glad that we got to go and celebrate with my grandparents.  Because both sets of grandparents live fairly close together, we were able to see both of my grandparents, along with my parents, my brother, my sister Melissa and her family and many aunts, uncles, cousins, and extended family.  To top it all off, we ended the weekend with a visit to our friends and former co-workers Sean and Jill (who now live close to my grandparents, so I always try to fit in a visit with them when we are traveling that way).  So, the boys spent the weekend loving hanging out with their cousins, grandparents, and Uncle Matt.  And I loved just being with family.  I feel so incredibly blessed to just love my family as much as I do.  Because you know what?  Not everyone feels that way.  I grew up innocently believing that all families had a great spiritual heritage like mine and that families were pleasant to be around.  What I discovered was that our family was actually the exception and not the rule.  Now, I am determined to continue that tradition with our own boys.

We got back Monday evening and I was feeling behind the game already because my previous week was one day shorter since we left on Friday and this week was short a Monday.  We spent most of the week playing catch up, and while it was busy, we had a good week.  And I think I will summarize our events in bullet form:
  • Boys were slightly sick on Tuesday so I kept them home from school 
  • Also visited the school where I am hoping the boys will go to kindergarten on Tuesday night.  It made me excited for them and sad all at the same time--they are growing up so fast!  the teacher I talked to recognized my name and with tears in her eyes told me how they had prayed many prayers for me.  It still brings to tears to my eyes to know how often our names were called out by those who we had never met.  God is good.
  • Had major computer issues on Wednesday with my office computer.  When you have a home office, you are the 'tech person'--not my idea of a good time.  I wanted to throw the whole thing out the window.  Fortunately, it is an Apple and they have a Genius bar at the store in the mall where I was able to take it and they are currently fixing it.
  • Friday night, I tried not one but three new recipes (yes, I am insane) while the boys were doing a crafty project for their great grandpa who was coming home after falling and spending some time in a rehabilitation nursing home.  It was a miracle that we all survived.  There was much glue, pipe cleaners, felt, construction paper, and little round balls.  My kitchen looked like a tornado had gone through it shortly after it was completely cleaned, but it was okay, we had fun! and the boys were oh so proud!

  • Saturday, we went to a local store where we visited a skunk, raccoon, and a kangaroo.  Yes, you read that correctly.  There was a wildlife rehabilitation group that rescue and rehabilitate animals to be reintroduced to the wild and they had brought these three to this event.    Apparently the kangaroo is completely domesticated and is a pet.  This was quite an exciting visit for the boys. We went with their cousin and the three of them were quite impressed.  After we left, William said two things that cracked me up.  #1.  "maybe next week, we can see a puma!"  #2.  "oh, I forgot to tell the kangaroo what I wanted to say"  What was that, William?  "I wanted to tell him, 'i just love kangaroos!'  What was funny was that William was really the only one of the three who was actually eager and happy to sit down next to the little guy.  Xavier and Quentin were much more reticent, as evidenced by me sitting and slightly forcing Xavier to sit with me.  To be honest, the whole dressing the kangaroo up and everything was kind of weird to me, but he was very sweet and super soft.  And it was pretty cool seeing one so close up.

Okay, and now that I have typed all of that out, I think that paragraph form would have been more accurate, because that is the form that my 'bullet' ended up.  Oh well.  I blogged, right?  Doesn't that count for something?

This week, I am starting an online photography class that I am excited and nervous about all at the same time.  Hopefully, I will be able to find time to do all the assignments and my boys will not completely hate me at the end of it for forcing them to be my subjects. 


loving the kangeroo in clothes LOL
--which photography class are you taking?

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