Longing for snow days

Okay, not really, but....this week was a reminder to me why I didn't hate all the snow days.  First, it helps that I am pretty much a homebody, but both of my jobs for the most part are work from home.  So, naturally, snow days gave me sufficient time to not only perform the necessary tasks for work, but also to take care of the household drudgery (i.e. laundry and cleaning) and even to have time left over to read a book or scrap.  This week, when all the snow was gone and roads were clear, there were tons of errands and things to be done that weren't necessarily bad things (like coffee with friends and haircut), but they just cut into my time of getting things done and I have found myself working until much later than I prefer and my house is nowhere in the shape I would like it to be.  Ah, well.

I have tried two new recipes this week--Slow Cooker Beef Stew (that we ate over biscuits) and Sue's Baked Ziti with Turkey Sausage and Spinach (which I made with bowtie pasta, because that is what I had in the cabinet).  Both were excellent, were hits with the boys as well as Micah and will most likely make it onto the menu again.  Oh, and I tried a new cupcake recipe (bringing the grand total of new recipes this week to 3--I guess I am living on the edge!). It was this recipe for a red velvet cupcake and let me tell you, they might have been my favorite cupcakes yet.  I kind of guilted myself into making them on Valentine's Day because I hadn't really done anything for the boys.  They were more than pleased with them.


The boys ended up having a "Friendship Celebration" at school today and so we had the ordeal  joy of them writing their names on Valentines for all of their friends.  They loved doing it and I didn't lose my mind, so all in all, I count it as a success.  They were quite cute this afternoon getting all of their cards and candy and looking them over.  I was actually surprised that they were able to recognize most of their friends' names without me telling them who it was from.

The boys and I are headed out of town tomorrow to celebrate my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary in Missouri.  We are looking forward to seeing my parents and siblings and families along with lots of extended family.  Micah has some major exams next week, so our absence will actually be quite timely for him, giving him lots of peace and quiet and no family responsibilities pulling him away from his studies. 


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