One Thousand Gifts, February 28

It is a new week--yay!!

We do have a few things coming up:
  • boys' first soccer meeting tomorrow night and I think that practice begins Saturday--this should be interesting....and maybe I should verify that practice!
  • my monthly young survivors support meeting on Thursday
  • working on my first assignment for Candace Stringham's Oh Shoot! photography class. 
  • getting Micah through the week, he is still in mid-terms that seem to be never ending and he is thinking he might be coming down with a stomach bug
  • oh, and work (you know, that thing that pays the bills!)
I have not been good about listing my gifts/graces this week, but I am committed to this journey:

#223.  Mountains of laundry done
#224.  Sweet and precious high pitched squeals of the boys at getting to be close up to a real live kangaroo
#225.  For new perspective and feeling like some difficult weeks are behind me and I can handle difficult ones to come
#226.  Reminders that the Holy Spirit really does prompt us to pray for others in distress even when we don’t know they are in that place
#227.  A rich family heritage
#228.  A relatively painless solution to computer issues (i.e. Genius Bar at the Mac store)
#229.  A husband who is hard at work for our family
#230.  A good rotation schedule for Micah (just realized I forgot to count this a few weeks ago!)
#231.  Sounds of boys playing games behind me as I type
#232.  Getting the boys’ room organized
#233.  Coffee

And I just realized that I haven't posted any layouts in awhile...will work on a catch up post with those because I have been scrapping occasionally!


LaCombe said…
May the Lord of Peace himself give you Peace at all times & in every way. 2 Thessalonians 3:16

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