Only in Oklahoma

So, on Friday and Saturday this past week, we enjoyed 75 degree weather.  Literally, it was just beautiful, we joined the rest of Tulsa at the zoo on Friday afternoon.  We knew that there was going to be a big storm coming and the closer Tuesday (today) came, the reports were getting more and more dismal.  When we went to bed last night, no precipitation had started, but all schools were already closed and we were geared up for a snow day.  The weather did not disappoint and we woke up to what everyone was calling the Blizzard of 2011.  We had several inches when we woke up and there was very little visibility because of the wind.  By the time it had quit snowing this afternoon, we ended up with 21 inches of snow and some serious drifting.  The problem now is that we have seriously cold weather in the next couple of days so while there will be no more snowing, there won't exactly be any of it melting off either.  Everything has been canceled for at least tomorrow and I will be surprised if anyone is back to school before Friday.  Apparently, this is the most recorded snowfall in a 24 hr period for Tulsa--so, yay for breaking records!

We spent the day doing laundry, cooking, and  trying not to hurt each other.  Can't exactly say it was my favorite snow day ever.  But, this afternoon, I managed to make snow ice cream which the boys loved and Micah was horrified that I was going to make something using snow that came from "our nasty atmosphere."  Then, Micah made an attempt to recreate the absolute best hot chocolate you have ever tasted from this little cafe in Annecy, France.  And I will admit that he did a pretty good job.  I think that it had something to do with the homemade whipped cream.  At the cafe, they would serve you a cup filled with the most amazing whipped cream and then a pitcher of hot chocolate that you would then pour over the cream--seriously, amazing.  Then, we played a few games together and William pronounced it the best game day ever, and that he loves "snow blizzards."   

A few pictures:

Our mailbox and across the street neighbors--there is a street in there, I promise!

The yummy hot chocolate, not the best photo, but it was good...

Seriously love this child's eyes

Xavier is in the middle of telling me a story, can you tell? 


Melissa said…
Yep, I'm kinda with Micah - hate snow cream! And I'm jealous of the hot chocolate - is that what we had in X? And, I've decided snow days are just not what they're cracked up to be. They're fun for the first few hours, but then everyone just starts to drive each other crazy. Wait until you've been shut in for a couple of days in a row. :)
Monica said…
ohhh...I made snow cream while in language school in China, and all the Americans from up north refused to eat it and made fun of it the rest of the day. I was NOT a happy camper. But I love the pics of your winter wonderland, and hope the next two days are absolutely wonderful for you and your crew!
Anonymous said…
I envy you! Yeah, really! About 28 years ago, we had a big snow like that, with drifts. Beautiful, and reminds you of God's promise, of "whiter than snow" when He cleanses us!!
Take care, tho.
Anonymous said…
Wondering who loves snow?
Gma Elledge (;
LaCombe said…
I do not miss snow at all, but do miss the snow days. We were 78 degrees here in Florida and 67 already at 6 am this morn. Thinking of you on another snow day as I go off to work. Prayers and Love to you and your family! Kathy
Anonymous said…
That place in Annecy definitely makes the best hot chocolate...and it probably does have something to do with the huge bowl/cup of whipped cream that you pour it over:) Love you guys & miss you, Joy
Annette said…
Please let Micah know that we fellow snow ice cream makers do have standards! I would never make snow ice cream with the first snowfall of the season (this is at least the second) and I would never use snow until it had been falling at least an hour (ours was on top so it was a good 12 hour snow).

Besides I have never known or even heard of anyone getting ill from eating snow ice cream (unless it was from too much sugar, but never the snow!).

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