Snow....and more snow

On Wednesday afternoon, we ventured out for a little playtime in the snow while Micah shoveled our driveway. The boys were so excited, but I don't think they were quite prepared for how deep the snow was. We had some major driftage in our backyard as you will see in the pictures below and they resolutely set out to destroy the 'snow mountain'.

Here you can see them scaling the top of it and maybe get an idea of how deep it is:
William peeking out from underneath his hat:

then, deciding to slide down face first:
and losing his boot:
getting it back on:

setting off again:

not making it very far:
"mommy, I want to go inside":
making a valiant effort:

and STILL not making it very far:

and the aftermath:

So, yesterday wasn't too bad.  We had visits from family members who have four wheel drives.  The boys went to their grandparents for the afternoon and Micah and I took a little walk to Walmart just to get out.  It is only about 1/2 a mile from our house.  It was cold (like 18 degrees), but felt good to get out.  Although, I do confess to being a little concerned for our lives since there is about 4-5 inches of packed snow/ice covering pretty much every road that we saw and there were lots of people sliding around.  Today, Micah decided he couldn't take it anymore and headed up to the local Starbucks to study. is snowing again.  It has been coming down pretty steady for about 3 hours now and they say we could get another 6 inches.  Nice.  Tomorrow, they say that we might make it all the way up to 34 degrees with the chance of some sun.   We will see.....


Monica said…
Is it an unkind thing to say I'm glad it's you and not me? Love the pictures, especially William's determination to get that boot back on!
Melissa said…
Fun pics! And I just can't believe you have so much snow!

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