I am way behind this week and this has been a day, but wanted to at least post my list so far. I think I am going to have to get a notebook to keep on the counter or in my purse, because I keep thinking of things and seeing 'moments' as gifts, but don't have my computer with my Word document handy to write them down....I guess that part of the discipline is just in seeing the gifts and not necessarily writing every single one down. 

#201. Boys joy at ‘building’ their own Lego animals!! Success is so sweet in their faces.
#202.  Finding the moments to be  thankful
#203.  The whiteness of a cloud as dusk falls
#204.  The giggles and constant chatter of little voices  in the backseat “reading” their Bibles on the way to church
#205.  Fellowship with other women
#206.  Reading God’s Word aloud
#207.  New recipes
#208.  Coffee with friends
#209.  All’s grace
#210.  A new Bible study group
#211.  Freedom to study Scripture corporately
#212.  Anticipation of seeing family
#213.   Finally getting on the road!
#214.  Time with Grandparents celebrating their 60th anniversary
#215.  The joy a grandparent takes in their grandkids
#216.  Uncle Matt
#217.  Hugs from Aunt Trenna
#218.  The “noise” of a party—kids laughing, adults talking/laughing/visiting/catching up.
#219.  Catching up with friends on a long drive
#220.  Encouragement, laughter, tears with friends who have known us long and know us well.
#221.  Coming home
#222. Expanse of the Oklahoma sky at sunset

Hope you are finding many gifts from the Lord on this day!


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