Wednesday's Words

It has been a few weeks since I did one of these.  Here is what we have heard around our house in recent weeks:
  • A few weeks ago as I was tucking the boys in bed, Xavier is running ahead of me with his stuffed bear and curious george and is saying, "they are my best buddies" and I teasingly ask, 'well, what I am i?' and he immediately replies: "oh mommy, you're my best girl and the best mommy in the whole world" never hurts to hear that 15 times a day! 
  • One day after school yesterday, the boys and I went to eat at McDonalds with some friends from their school.  After they had played for a bit, William needed to go to the bathroom and I was taking him listening to him chatter about how Xavier 'was being Batman' and so I asked the natural question (in my mind anyway), ''who are you being?"  to which he quickly replied, "I not being anyone, I just William"  Yes, my sweet boy, you are!
  • Today, every few minutes, I am hearing, "is it warm outside yet?"  they really want to go and play, but I am having a hard time mustering up the energy for a 2 minute play in the snow since it is all of 3 degrees outside with a wind chill of -10 degrees!
 Some nuggets from local news about the pending winter storm.  Keep in mind that these were all heard on Monday afternoon before there was any precipitation at all.
  • "well, the good news is that the winter storm warning for the next few weeks has been canceled.  The bad news is that they have issued a blizzard warning."
  • Right after they reported a traffic accident around 4:45, "now, everyone needs to remember that Tulsa Police Department has declared Operation Slick Streets, meaning that they only respond to injury accidents." hasn't even started raining yet.  I was glad to hear that at least the radio guys were a bit perplexed by this as well.
  • Not much later, I hear that our governor has gone ahead and declared a state of emergency for all 77 counties--all this before a snow flake has fallen.  
I will go ahead and add that like I think I mentioned yesterday, the storm has been fairly crippling.  I just read that although they are working like mad to clear the streets that many public buildings and offices will continue to be closed through tomorrow.  It is just so cold and there is so much snow that they are having a hard time getting it clear.

Also thought I would share this layout since I was able to pull from my Wednesday's Words posts to make it:


      Jane said…
      I thought that declaring an emergency before anything happened was weird as well, but apparently it changes the purchasing rules and allows people to have more authority to spend more money on things like storm preparation and fixingness. I like that word. :)
      mrshobbes said…
      Seriously I am freaking out at the 21 inches of snow over there!

      And again,I'm going to say that that apple juice quote (and that layout!) is adorable!!! Can you imagine whipping these out when your boys are teenagers and bringing home the ladies? lol

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