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Thursday morning

I am sitting in Melissa's room while she is resting.  While I don't think that she got a ton of rest last night, she seems to be doing relatively well.  I have been here for a couple hours and am sitting with her while Brian runs an errand or two.  We have been talking and while she is pretty uncomfortable, her spirits are really good.  She is making me feel better and she is choosing to be positive, to trust, to deal with today and recovery.  She knows that the multitude of prayers that are being said on her behalf and on the behalf of her family are making a difference.  There has been such a sweet outpouring of love for her and for all of us and we are so thankful for those who have been thinking of us.

I have so many thoughts going through my head and heart that will most likely come out at some point.   Just so thankful for the many ways we are seeing God's hand, for the comfort and peace that we have that comes from knowing Him.   Last night, when my mom and I were …


This is the update that I posted to Melissa's blog:

Dear friends of Melissa,

This is Melissa's sister Becky updating her blog.  I wanted so much to be able to bring the best news from today, but unfortunately, we did not get the report from her surgery that we were wanting.  The surgery was much more extensive than they had originally planned and they have given her a diagnosis of stage 3 ovarian cancer.  The surgeons were able to remove the majority of the cancer and encouraged us that our immediate focus is to get her recovered from this surgery and then we will look ahead to treatment plans.  While we are most assuredly disappointed, we know that God is good.  Please continue to pray for her, for Brian and their family.  Right now, we are simply waiting to even see her.  Pray for Brian as he shares the results from the surgery and that somehow they would be able to rest tonight.  I will try to update again tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your prayers and love for Melissa and h…

Quick update

Boys and I found out yesterday afternoon that Melissa would be having surgery this morning, so we packed ourselves up and left around 5 pm, arrived around 2am, and am currently (11:30 AM) sitting in the waiting room with Brian and my mom and sister while my brother is watching the kids.  Am thankful for a safe trip, for friends and family who have come, and just being together.  We are waiting, trusting, and resting in what the day holds.


After having some really beautiful weather in the last couple of weeks, our weather has turned cold and kind of rainy today.  A few years ago, we even managed to have snow in March.  I am learning that living in Oklahoma means taking each day's weather as it comes.  Our pastor is always saying "you don't like the weather, just wait 24 hours, it will probably change!"   I really don't know why I wrote all that about the weather....I don't really have much to say today.  Boys are back in school this morning and I am working on getting some work done as well.  I don't think I mentioned on here that a few weeks back I decided to get let my part time coffee job go until the boys are in school this fall at least.  I was just starting to feel pulled in way too many directions and felt like they were the ones suffering the most.  While my coffee loving side was a bit sad, I can't tell you the weight that feels like it has been lifted off of  my shoulders.  I …

One Thousand Gifts, March 28

I was listening to some music this afternoon and kept coming back to this song.  This slideshow that someone put together on YouTube isn't  necessarily my favorite, but it is the song and it has some very powerful lyrics:

319.A life giving visit from a friend 320.A life and job that accommodate flexibility 321.A morning spent baking with a sweet little girl 322.Dinner on the front porch 323.A walk around the block with Xavier and Batman (aka William) 324.An encouraging email 325.A phone chat with a friend who is becoming a better friend 326.Friends getting a travel call 327.Knowing we can trust Him in the waiting 328.Finishing up 329.Corporate prayer 330.Determination/perseverance of Micah in his studies 331.A good night’s rest

The thing about trusting

I have been kind of quiet on the blog front the last few days because I have been doing a lot of thinking about trusting.   I don't know if there is anyone who reads this blog who doesn't read my sister's more interesting and regularly-posted-to blog, but if you don't, she received some tests results this last week that has resulted in a  referral to a gynecologic oncologist.  As you can imagine, in any family, this creates worry and concern.  In our family, it has done the same.  And as one who has waited this 'wait'--of not really knowing anything but trying to hope for the best while fearing the worst-- my heart has questioned and struggled and ached because it isn't a 'wait' that I want anyone to have to face and especially not my sister.   I have often thought/worried about some future time when I may face recurrence, and to be honest, it doesn't really frighten me, because I trust God. I know that He is good, that He is faithful, that even…

2011, Week 12


wiped out

We have had quite a busy few days.  Like I mentioned yesterday, we made a very quick trip to Missouri over the weekend.  Then, on Sunday night, I found out that a very dear friend (who I haven't seen in a little over three years) was in town and we made plans to spend part of the day together on Monday.  That part of the day ended up being most of the day and it was a very sweet time for both of us, just to sit and visit and catch up and let the kids play (my two boys and her sweet little girls).  It really was a blessing.  She was headed to a funeral today and so I got to spend some sweet time with her little girls.  Isla and I spent the morning while the boys were in school making muffins and talking about tea parties. 

Some photos from the weekend.  There was a pretty crazy lighting situation in the house, but I did the best that I could.  Although for some reason, I managed not to get William in complete focus in either picture.

On Saturday, we went to see my oldest niece Kat…

One Thousand Gifts, March 21

Our ending to spring break didn't quite go as planned.  We ended up making a very last minute trip to Missouri to visit Micah's grandfather who was placed on hospice last week.  As in, we got the call about 6:30 on Thursday evening and we were on our way at 6 the next morning and back home by 6:30 Saturday  night.  Yes, it was a whirlwind trip.  We are thankful for Micah being on spring break so that we could go and we are thankful that his grandpa who recently made a decision to follow Christ is still feeling fairly well and we were able to have a good visit with him.  What I loved most was how you could visibly see a calm and peace on his face that I know is a direct result of his new faith.  What a blessing and encouragement and comfort.

My gifts/graces from this past week:

289.Birds eating at the bird feeder 290.A crafty kind of day 291.Wind in my face as I finally get out to exercise 292.Watching tv with Micah—a rare treat these days 293.Tender heart of Xavier 294.Seeing a card…

2011, Week 11



First off, thanks for the sweet comments about my first year project.  While it is occasionally tedious, it has been fun going back and seeing their sweet little faces and remembering where we were (usually some random hotel, since we traveled so much during those months).  I love how you can see them become aware and really begin to smile and make faces.  I also love how some of the faces they made as babies are the VERY same faces I see on a daily basis.  And the bonus to doing the project now is that they LOVE to see the pictures and I can't wait to get the books printed because I know that they will love looking through them.

Second, spring break is almost over and I am a bit sad.  I am not going to be sad to send the boys back to school, they have asked every day if spring break is over. I am going to be sad to going back to seeing less of Micah.  Although, he has been the diligent student studying this week, he has been home a couple of mornings and been home at night and ju…

First Year Project

For those who have read the blog for a while or have known us for a while, you know that Micah had a grand plan the first year of the boys' lives to take a picture of their face every. single. day.  There were days when I thought that his obsession idea would be the end of me.  And to top it all off, we didn't really do anything with those photos, they just sat unorganized on the hard drive until a few years ago when I went through and at least organized them into weeks and for the last couple of years, I will occasionally pull them out and try to figure out the best way to get them into some sort of book.  The problem is that we literally have hundreds of pictures from some days and they were all taken in various places, with various lightings, all in automatic mode, and with my growing knowledge of photography, the quality of them and my inability to edit them to all look the same has basically been a bane in my existence and so I have just ignored them more often than not. …

One Thousand Gifts, March 14

I have been reading the book One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, the blogger who inspired me to start this list.  And I am telling you, it has been so so good.  She definitely has a different way of writing that isn't always easy to follow and isn't everyone's cup of tea.  But, for me, I have enjoyed it so, it has resonated very deeply with me and I have found myself reading portions of it over and over, pondering it, and going back to read it once again.  I am only about halfway through it, but have so been enjoying it.  One thing that she talks about is that the practice of naming gifts (the big, the small, the extraordinary, the ordinary) is a discipline that prepares our hearts for difficult moments/days when our gut reaction is not to praise, but to question.  But, if we have been in the practice of looking for His graces, His gifts throughout our everyday ordinary lives, then our knee jerk reaction is then to search, to find His grace in the moment of distress as well…

2011, Weeks 9 and 10

Today, Micah and the boys headed out of town with the other Derby boys to a train expo a few hours away.  So, I took advantage of the day and had a manicure/pedicure, lunch with a friend, and caught up on my Project 365.  It was a good day and I am not sure that I want it to end.


Well, it is only the second week of my photography class and so far the boys have been "fairly" cooperative.  I have already had a few 'aha' moments as I have learned some things and have had moments when I have been looking back through photos and realized exactly why that particular picture was so horrible!  oh well, we live and learn, right?  Of course, after hearing the comments from the instructor on my first assignment, I realized that while I know that constructive criticism is what I signed up for, what I really wanted to hear was just how amazingly well I did the assignment.  The good news is that she did give me some pointers and helped me to correct something I had wrong on my camera.

Today, I was doing some practicing and managed to get a few shots that even unedited are just so super sweet to me and thought I would share.  That and I figured a way to get my photos that I have organized in Lightroom to just publish to my flickr account and I am hoping tha…