First Year Project

For those who have read the blog for a while or have known us for a while, you know that Micah had a grand plan the first year of the boys' lives to take a picture of their face every. single. day.  There were days when I thought that his obsession idea would be the end of me.  And to top it all off, we didn't really do anything with those photos, they just sat unorganized on the hard drive until a few years ago when I went through and at least organized them into weeks and for the last couple of years, I will occasionally pull them out and try to figure out the best way to get them into some sort of book.  The problem is that we literally have hundreds of pictures from some days and they were all taken in various places, with various lightings, all in automatic mode, and with my growing knowledge of photography, the quality of them and my inability to edit them to all look the same has basically been a bane in my existence and so I have just ignored them more often than not.  But, if I do nothing with them, then they are a waste and when I look back on them, if I can get past the inconsistencies, what I see are my sweet little boys growing right before my eyes and we have an entire year of pictures of them growing bit by bit, day by day.  So, even though they aren't the best pictures, they are pictures, snapshots of their first year and they are precious to me.    I have gone back and added labels to the previous posts where I have posted other pages, so in theory, you should be able to click on the "First Year Project" label at the bottom of this post and see the other completed pages.  So, I went back through my old posts and realized 2 things:
1.  I have not posted any of these in over a year--wow, this really is the never ending project.
2.  I actually did work on these two other times last year, but didn't post, so I am posting those now as well.  As a result, this page has a TON of photos and if you don't care, it is really okay. I fully understand that I am posting this for me (and for my mom, who always cares!).

Xavier: April 19-May 24

William: April 19-May 24

This weekend, I was able to get June and July finished. I think I just might finally have a system and I am committed to getting this done.

Xavier:  May 25-July 26

William:  May 25-July 26


Anonymous said…
Becky--you are committed! Micah was so obsessed about taking them; one of these days the boys will be amazed. It is awesome to look back at those pictures, just need to have a little more time to look closer--after TS I will....Mom
I think it is a great project and congratulate you on coming up with a workable system. They really are treasures.
Monica said…
I didn't know about Micah's idea, but this makes me laugh! I know, I'm sorry, I don't hear your laughter joining me. While this would definitely be a project to wait until they've started school, maybe you could do "A book of Mondays" and put every Monday's photo, along with a news headline from the week or a journal entry or something. But then again, you'd have to do that for EVERY weekday, and that would get really old. Perhaps that would be a good job for Micah once he's no longer studying for tests. :)
Amy said…
Oh those sweet little faces...with such expression! I guess those expressions were the first glimpses of their sweet little personalities! Good luck getting finished! You'll be glad you have this treasure once it's done!!
Lacombe said…
Wow! I would have never found the time to take the pics, let alone post them. You are simply amazing! Beautiful pics! Precious Boys and they still look the same, just older. You are so very Blessed and I am so Very Blessed to know you! Have a Wonderful Day! Love ya! Kathy

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