Well, it is only the second week of my photography class and so far the boys have been "fairly" cooperative.  I have already had a few 'aha' moments as I have learned some things and have had moments when I have been looking back through photos and realized exactly why that particular picture was so horrible!  oh well, we live and learn, right?  Of course, after hearing the comments from the instructor on my first assignment, I realized that while I know that constructive criticism is what I signed up for, what I really wanted to hear was just how amazingly well I did the assignment.  The good news is that she did give me some pointers and helped me to correct something I had wrong on my camera.

Today, I was doing some practicing and managed to get a few shots that even unedited are just so super sweet to me and thought I would share.  That and I figured a way to get my photos that I have organized in Lightroom to just publish to my flickr account and I am hoping that makes my life a bit easier.


this is just so "William"--I love it!

the colors are a little bit wonky in this one, but I think that I can fix least he is smiling!

Xavier was not being very cooperative, and William just walked up behind him to give him hugs and stayed there!



theredpumpkin said…
These are great Becky!
Anonymous said…
Love seeing those sweet faces--and you're doing great!
Anonymous said…
Becky, look at X in the next to the bottom picture: HOW much he looks like you! How sweet, all of them! Gma E

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