One Thousand Gifts, March 21

Our ending to spring break didn't quite go as planned.  We ended up making a very last minute trip to Missouri to visit Micah's grandfather who was placed on hospice last week.  As in, we got the call about 6:30 on Thursday evening and we were on our way at 6 the next morning and back home by 6:30 Saturday  night.  Yes, it was a whirlwind trip.  We are thankful for Micah being on spring break so that we could go and we are thankful that his grandpa who recently made a decision to follow Christ is still feeling fairly well and we were able to have a good visit with him.  What I loved most was how you could visibly see a calm and peace on his face that I know is a direct result of his new faith.  What a blessing and encouragement and comfort.

My gifts/graces from this past week:

289.        Birds eating at the bird feeder
290.        A crafty kind of day
291.        Wind in my face as I finally get out to exercise
292.        Watching tv with Micah—a rare treat these days
293.        Tender heart of Xavier
294.        Seeing a cardinal on the fence
295.        Reading books with the boys
296.        Aching muscles
297.        Finding good deals
298.        Weight of responsibility lifting after difficult decision made
299.        Boundless energy of boys
300.        Counter piled high with dirty dishes  (we have lived the day!)
301.        Sound of Xavier’s “made up” songs
302.        Sleeping in
303.        A puzzle with daddy before he heads to school
304.        Fresh haircuts
305.        A full moon in front of a bright blue sky
306.        The bright green of a newly budding tree
307.        Road trip to see Great Grandpa King
308.        Singing in the car
309.        Hills of Missouri—I lift my eyes up to the hills, where does my help come from, my help comes from the hills, Maker of heaven and earth
310.        Seeing the peace, the calm, the quiet on Grandpa King’s face—the peace of Christ now reigning, visible to all who see
311.        Diversion of the boys playing
312.        The look in Katie’s face when we said we were coming to see her perform
313.        Cows eating in the field
314.        The light after a rain storm
315.        A little boy who wants to serve
316.        Happy chatter first thing in the morning
317.        Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe
318.        An unexpected visit from an old friend


Anonymous said…
I LOVE reading your lists (yours and your sisters) --makes me remember to be thankful. Mom

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