One Thousand Gifts, March 28

I was listening to some music this afternoon and kept coming back to this song.  This slideshow that someone put together on YouTube isn't  necessarily my favorite, but it is the song and it has some very powerful lyrics:

319.        A life giving visit from a friend
320.        A life and job that accommodate flexibility
321.        A morning spent baking with a sweet little girl
322.        Dinner on the front porch
323.        A walk around the block with Xavier and Batman (aka William)
324.        An encouraging email
325.        A phone chat with a friend who is becoming a better friend
326.        Friends getting a travel call
327.        Knowing we can trust Him in the waiting
328.        Finishing up
329.        Corporate prayer
330.        Determination/perseverance of Micah in his studies
331.        A good night’s rest
332.        The Lord is my portion
333.        To Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or imagine
334.        Little boys in Snuggies
335.        A hope to cling to
336.        Knowing He knows
337.        A beautiful day at the zoo
338.        Feeding time for chimpanzees
339.        Kindness of a stranger who saws boys looking into one of those concave coin toss things and walked up and   
             simply started dropping coins in for their amusement
340.        An unexpectedly beautiful day
341.        An evening walk
342.        Dinner with the boys
343.        Teaching them manners
344.        Conversations with 5 yr olds
345.        Red faces from soccer practice
346.        Ticklefests
347.        Fresh strawberries
348.        Worshipping with the boys
349.        Scrapping inspiration and time to scrap
350.        Laughter and fellowship at small group
351.        Sharing of burdens
352.        Xavier eating strawberries—eyes closed to fully ‘appreciate’ it


Monica said…
I didn't have time to leave a comment yesterday, but really appreciated your post. Praying for you and your family during these days!

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