First off, thanks for the sweet comments about my first year project.  While it is occasionally tedious, it has been fun going back and seeing their sweet little faces and remembering where we were (usually some random hotel, since we traveled so much during those months).  I love how you can see them become aware and really begin to smile and make faces.  I also love how some of the faces they made as babies are the VERY same faces I see on a daily basis.  And the bonus to doing the project now is that they LOVE to see the pictures and I can't wait to get the books printed because I know that they will love looking through them.

Second, spring break is almost over and I am a bit sad.  I am not going to be sad to send the boys back to school, they have asked every day if spring break is over. I am going to be sad to going back to seeing less of Micah.  Although, he has been the diligent student studying this week, he has been home a couple of mornings and been home at night and just hung out with us, watched the boys while I go grocery shopping, walking (yes, I managed to exercise this week--only once so far, but planning again tonight), and even sitting and watching some tv with me after the boys are in bed.  The boys have loved the extra time with their daddy and I do too!

This morning, I cut the boys hair, because seriously, it grows like no one's business.  (side note: what does that even mean? and I could have my colloquial saying completely wrong...I have been known on more than one occasion to mix my metaphors)  Anyway, William's ended up being MUCH shorter than planned, and I think that Xavier's will be passable.  My mom says that two days is the difference between a bad hair cut and it looking okay, so we will see what the days bring.  After their haircuts, they both wanted to take baths, so I set them up in their own separate tubs which they really loved and was much more peaceful arrangement.  I realized as I was sitting listening to them play that a bath alone has rarely, if ever, happened.  One of the joys of having a twin brother is always taking baths together, but I am thinking that they might have to do this separate thing more often, because they really enjoyed it.

Still working on my photo assignments and got this picture of the daffodils in our front yard:

Loved watching Xavier read this book to me while his brother was sleeping yesterday:

William really wanted me to take a picture of him winking at supper last night:

And I seriously love the expressions on their faces in this one:

Our big St. Patrick's Day plans include wearing green and going to a local play cafe where the boys can play and I can scrap/read/enjoy a free Irish Cream frozen latte.  And if I get really ambitious, I might make some sort of holiday-ish dessert.


Melissa said…
Xavier looks evil!

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