After having some really beautiful weather in the last couple of weeks, our weather has turned cold and kind of rainy today.  A few years ago, we even managed to have snow in March.  I am learning that living in Oklahoma means taking each day's weather as it comes.  Our pastor is always saying "you don't like the weather, just wait 24 hours, it will probably change!"   I really don't know why I wrote all that about the weather....I don't really have much to say today.  Boys are back in school this morning and I am working on getting some work done as well.  I don't think I mentioned on here that a few weeks back I decided to get let my part time coffee job go until the boys are in school this fall at least.  I was just starting to feel pulled in way too many directions and felt like they were the ones suffering the most.  While my coffee loving side was a bit sad, I can't tell you the weight that feels like it has been lifted off of  my shoulders.  I realized that while I wasn't working all that much (less than 10 hours a week), it was all in small bits of time and I was starting to be way too stressed out about a very part time job.  I will miss the little bit of extra income, but I know that our family life will be better because I have let it go.  So, this is my first week without that responsibility and let me say, that it feels good.

Managed to scrap a bit over the weekend and thought I would share my pages:


Anonymous said…
Becky, this is late in coming, but loved the boy
s pictures, and the "ladies" picture reminded me of such a wonderful time in Springfield--where God showed up!!!!!!!!!!

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