Wednesday's Words

I have been so bad about this lately, but the boys were especially chatty at dinner tonight providing me plenty of fodder for this weekly post :)

  • "mommy made 'ma-ki ma-ki', brudder!"  I actually made 'mahi mahi' from this recipe (although I didn't have lemon and substituted orange, and used chicken broth instead of the wine).  And the boys seriously loved it!! It was the first time I have ever cooked fish, and the three of us were quite pleased with the results.  Micah doesn't 'do' fish and so I never ever cook it when he is home.
  • W:  Hey, that is the one that I rememberized....
  • X & W:  "was that when I was 3 years old or 4 years old?"  this is literally in response to everything!  we hear this or some variation of it at least fifteen times a day.  "I am going to do that when I am 10 years old"  also makes a fairly frequent appearance.
  • William very seriously asking me, "who are that big grill and big boy whose house is far far away and they habe the berry delicate toys?"  After much discussion, I am pretty sure that they were referencing our friends McK and McG who we visited in France when they were TWO!  Seriously, they must have Micah's memory.  There were some very detailed descriptions of said "delicate toys" and also some racing games on the TV.  I love that they still remember that even though they were so very little.
  • I have also been noticing a more tenderness in their prayers which does nothing but melt this momma's heart to pieces.  I love hearing their growing faith and understanding of who God is and He desires to be part of their whole life.
And I have a few layouts to share:

One of my favorite zoo trips last year
Fifth Birthday!


Anonymous said…
LOVE Xavier's face where he's looking at his birthday cupcake!

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