wiped out

We have had quite a busy few days.  Like I mentioned yesterday, we made a very quick trip to Missouri over the weekend.  Then, on Sunday night, I found out that a very dear friend (who I haven't seen in a little over three years) was in town and we made plans to spend part of the day together on Monday.  That part of the day ended up being most of the day and it was a very sweet time for both of us, just to sit and visit and catch up and let the kids play (my two boys and her sweet little girls).  It really was a blessing.  She was headed to a funeral today and so I got to spend some sweet time with her little girls.  Isla and I spent the morning while the boys were in school making muffins and talking about tea parties. 



Some photos from the weekend.  There was a pretty crazy lighting situation in the house, but I did the best that I could.  Although for some reason, I managed not to get William in complete focus in either picture.


This is a pretty common scene--either PaPa is getting a game ready or they are watching him play one!

On Saturday, we went to see my oldest niece Katie perform in a Winter Guard festival and I snapped this picture of the boys with their cousin:

Micah has been doing tons of extra studying after missing two days while we were out of town, although to be honest, he may have still been doing this much even if we had been here.  The boys haven't actually seen him since Sunday morning before church, although we did Skype for a couple of minutes this morning so they could say good morning to him.  

And I am tormenting the boys every free moment practicing some of the things I am learning in my photography class.  So far, they haven't disowned me, but I am pretty sure they are done with me forcing them to sit while I try to figure out the right settings for my camera.  

I feel like the glazed over look in William's eyes really seems to sum up how they are enjoying my photography class

And seriously, are there words for how cute this is?


Leah said…
Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I really liked the part about the money spent vs. your sanity!! That is exactly ...exactly how I felt! I thought I was going to go crazy...actually i think I did a time or two...or ten. I guess I just don't want a repeat of those feelings ever, so it makes me gun shy to even venture down the road.
So, your boys are just the cutest. Everytime I see pictures of them, I think how much fun my Jackson would have with them! If only the world were a wee bit smaller :) Thanks again for the encouragement!

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