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well, i survived

Let me preface this by saying, I really wish I was the mom that was super excited about the 'whole school field trips' kind of thing, but to be honest, I am not.  Yesterday was the boys' preschool's whole school field trip day and I honestly do not know how many students along with their parents were there, but suffice it to say that there were a LOT of other schools with their students and parents there as well and the next couple of pictures just kind of give you a glimpse of what the day was like:

This is Xavier and a little girl in his class pretending to be wolves ('you have to put your head up in the air and your arms back like this as you howl'):
 Then, we came home and after having an enforced rest for everyone including me (30 minutes was not quite long enough for me, but they acted like it was more than adequate for them!), they went outside and built this 'habitat' for their dinosaurs who were in The Land Before Time far as I know the…

Wednesday's Words

So, technically, I have only 90 minutes left in Wednesday, but I am up and the boys said some pretty cute things today, so I thought I would share:

Earlier this afternoon, William had been really wanting to call his daddy, so after I had finished up with my own phone calls, I had the phone over to William to make the phone call.  William dials up Micah, puts him on speakerphone (because that is how they roll--regardless of the fact that it seriously complicates the ability of those on the other end of the call to actually understand since they tend to speak at the same time.  Anyway, so they are on the phone chatting about some thing and all of a sudden, I hear William say "hold on, daddy" and then in a loud whisper to Xavier "hey, brudder, I just lub you." and then he goes back to talking to Micah--so cute....have I mentioned how much I love those two boys?We ran out of the boys' kids' toothpaste tonight, so I was giving them some of our regular toothpaste,…

Scrub Run 2011

One of the organizations that Micah is a part of at school and actually the president of this year is the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) and one of their featured events/activities is the annual Scrub Run at the school.  Last year, Micah ran in the 5k and also spent quite a bit of time working to help organize and volunteer at the event and after it was over, I decided that the boys and I should have made the trip down to participate.  So, this year, I had Micah sign us up to go.  He was going to do the 5k again and I thought that the 1 mile Fun Run would be the perfect outlet for the boys.  Can I just say that the boys were way more excited than I ever imagined they would be and were pretty adorable--I may be biased being their mother, but I am pretty sure that others would agree.

Here we are before the race:

and honestly, Micah and I look the best in that photo,  but the boys are actually looking at the camera in this one:

I debated posting only the one where we look be…

One Thousand Gifts, April 25

We had a very fun filled (i.e. busy) weekend, but I will save the recap of that and pictures for later.  I am busy today attempting to conquer this laundry mountain:

This is what happens when I am out of town and get behind on the laundry and do occasional loads through the week to get us through.  This is also why I try to be on top of getting all laundry done in one day because I hate laundry piled up and hanging around waiting for me to take care of it.  Our laundry room is in between the garage and the kitchen and basically the only entry we use, so there is no ignoring the fact that I am ignoring the laundry.  Wow, that sounded like a very complicated story about laundry.

395.Reclaiming my house
397.Playing “football” in the park with the boys
398.Micah coming home
399.Cuddles and snuggles before bedtime with both boys wanting the spot on my lap—all too soon, this will end
400.Finally scrapping a page
401.Bible study with other women
402.Smell of freshly cut lawns

2011, Weeks 13,14, and 15

Still not completely caught up, but am making progress!

Wednesday's Words

Heard around our house recently: Xavier (when I got back on Sunday night) in his most grown up voice:  "How was your trip to see Aunt Melissa, Mommy?"William (while they were looking at their art creations hanging on the refrigerator):  "This is fantastic!"Last night at dinner, they were telling us about what they are learning in their Jesus time at school:X:  First there was the cross, then the tomb, then Jesus was risen from the deaf.W:  No, no, no....He rose from the deaf.
And a cute picture from a park trip last week:


For some reason, my boys are not very keen on leftovers.  Their food likes/dislikes seems to change with the same frequency as the weather here in Oklahoma.  Some days, when I am convinced I am cooking something they will love, they don't. And other days, when I have made something that I am fairly certain I will have to force them to eat, they gobble it up.  Maybe it is their grand plan to keep me on my toes....who knows?   Last night when I made this tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, I expected them to eat it, but that was about it. Imagine my surprise when William pipes up, "are we going to have some of this for leftovers?  I want to have this again."  Fortunately, the recipe made a huge pot of soup, and  we most definitely will be having leftovers of it. 

It is no secret that I enjoy Pioneer Woman's recipes and honestly, she is my first stop online when looking for a recipe.  Next, I normally head to her recipe site Tasty Kitchen which is where I found …


I made it back from Nashville last night and I was thankful to be home, to have super sweet hugs from my boys.  Even though I was only gone a few days, the boys (Xavier in particular) really seemed to miss me.  And as nice as a few days being kid free was, I have to admit that there is nothing quite like coming home to hugs and kisses and my little (okay, getting-bigger-all-the-time) boys snuggling up on my lap.  My weekend at Melissa's was really special though and I am so thankful that I got to go.  On Saturday, my mom, sisters and I headed out for a day of shopping, food, and fun.  We all ended up getting Easter dresses--the first ones in a long time for most of us.  We ate lunch at what I thought was a 'new to me'  restaurant called Chuy's that Micah informed me when I got home that we had eaten at together.  I still have no memory of this, but will take his word for it since his memory is much better than mine. We ended the day at Cold Stone Creamery which was nex…

Rambling: the traveling edition

I feel like these last few months have contained their fair share of me burning up the road along the southern part of Missouri, sometimes heading to southeast Missouri, sometimes to Southern Illinois, and most recently all the way across Missouri, through Illinois (briefly), through Kentucky and on to Tennessee.  While, I can't say that I relish hours in a car that does not have cruise control, I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity and ability to make these trips.  To visit family, to be with a dear friend at the funeral of her grandfather, and most recently to Nashville to be with my sister and her family and my family as we learned of her cancer diagnosis---hours in a car seem like small sacrifices compared to the sweetness of time together.  And I have enjoyed watching the world come to life again as spring is settling in, the flowers are blooming, the grass is getting greener--God's creation is always inspiring. 

Yesterday afternoon and evening found me making t…

One Thousand Gifts, April 11

We had a relatively uneventful weekend.  The boys had soccer on Saturday and, honestly, I get so much pleasure from watching them out there running around, playing, and learning.  I didn't even take my camera this week, but I will most definitely be taking it the next few times.  Their short little season is going to be over before we know it.  The program they are in is extremely laid back, they only meet once a week for an hour, and they spend the first 30 minutes doing fun little games to try to teach them a bit about soccer (i.e. no hands, etc.) and then they scrimmage for the last 30 minutes.  The program's goal is mostly to give them a good and fun introduction to soccer and if we continue next year, that is when they will really begin to learn more about the sport.  Personally, I find it to be a nice introduction for parents to their children playing sports as well.

I didn't get a chance to post this last week, so I just combine the last two weeks for my one thousan…

Pajama Day

So, we officially took today as a pajama day at our house.  After our recent travels and a busy couple of days trying to get caught up, I just wanted to be comfy today and the boys are always more than happy to oblige me by having a pajama day.  I even managed to get some things accomplished--got my kitchen and bathrooms cleaned, the floors vacuumed, and 'work' work as well.  

Now, I am getting ready for a fun Friday night of curling up in bed to watch this week's episode of Survivor.  For many years, I rebelled against watching Survivor, partly because everyone else was and partly because I was in and out of the country.  (and to be honest, I saw Boston Rob on the Amazing Race and he got on my nerves!)  But, when Micah started med school and I found myself with more time on my hands at night, I started watching it and have wondered why it took me so long to start watching it.  I have loved this season, and while the vast majority of television that I 'watch' happe…


The boys and I reluctantly left Nashville yesterday to return to Oklahoma.  We managed to make the 575 mile trip in just about nine hours and only making one stop.  Yes, we have bladders of steel in our house...either that or we were all borderline dehydrated.  I had such mixed emotions about leaving, but finally came to the decision that the boys were in need of a little bit of routine and I probably needed to catch up on a little bit of work that had been dropped when I left town.  My boss is my father in law who is incredibly supportive and so I am thankful for the flexibility of my job and an understanding boss and husband. 

I have to be honest today and am struggling with getting focused on my work. I keep just thinking about my family and wanting to be there with them.  I am stalking Melissa's blog and facebook for updates.  It certainly helps me to know that she is feeling better and is on her way home from the hospital tomorrow.  My dad is also on his way down to be there …


I posted a quick update on Melissa's blog for her and am just going to direct you over there.   It is late and the house is quiet and I am going to try to get in bed myself.

Many thanks for the many prayers that have been said for our family.  They are sustaining us through these days.