For some reason, my boys are not very keen on leftovers.  Their food likes/dislikes seems to change with the same frequency as the weather here in Oklahoma.  Some days, when I am convinced I am cooking something they will love, they don't. And other days, when I have made something that I am fairly certain I will have to force them to eat, they gobble it up.  Maybe it is their grand plan to keep me on my toes....who knows?   Last night when I made this tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, I expected them to eat it, but that was about it. Imagine my surprise when William pipes up, "are we going to have some of this for leftovers?  I want to have this again."  Fortunately, the recipe made a huge pot of soup, and  we most definitely will be having leftovers of it. 

It is no secret that I enjoy Pioneer Woman's recipes and honestly, she is my first stop online when looking for a recipe.  Next, I normally head to her recipe site Tasty Kitchen which is where I found our soup recipe.  I didn't have shallots, so I used my Shallot Pepper seasoning from Penzeys and also added some minced garlic.  We all really liked it, but of course, what isn't to like about a soup that has an entire pint of heavy cream in it!

William asking for leftovers reminded me of a few months back when he was asking for leftovers of peanut butter sandwiches.  I have been buying the Naturals peanut butter for several months, which if you have had it, you know it is not as sweet since there is no sugar and definitely a bit of a different flavor.  Well, the store was out of the Smuckers brand that I normally get, so I ended up with another naturals brand, but it was one that had a bit of sugar in it.  William LOVED it and for weeks was asking if he could save part of his sandwich so that he could have it for 'leftovers'.  It completely cracked me up.  I was quick to assure him that he was free to finish his sandwich and that we would make him a brand new peanut butter sandwich the next time!

And totally unrelated to this post, I thought I would post a picture of my sister and I from this past weekend.  The last few weeks when I was there, we got so many comments about how much we look alike and since we both currently have long hair styled similarly, we thought we would take a picture together.  When I came home and told Micah that, he said he didn't really think we looked that much alike, but then he looked at the picture and decided that maybe we did....what do you think?



LaCombe said…
You are both Beautiful and do look simular! You look like sister! Would diffiantly know you belonged together! Continued Prays and Love to you both! Kathy
listgirl said…
I have been thinking of you! Reading your blog always gives me a sense of encouragement, even amidst of what's happening in your life, and Melissa's life. Thank you sister!
Monica said…
many similarities! and i love the pb&j stories!

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