Pajama Day

So, we officially took today as a pajama day at our house.  After our recent travels and a busy couple of days trying to get caught up, I just wanted to be comfy today and the boys are always more than happy to oblige me by having a pajama day.  I even managed to get some things accomplished--got my kitchen and bathrooms cleaned, the floors vacuumed, and 'work' work as well.  

Now, I am getting ready for a fun Friday night of curling up in bed to watch this week's episode of Survivor.  For many years, I rebelled against watching Survivor, partly because everyone else was and partly because I was in and out of the country.  (and to be honest, I saw Boston Rob on the Amazing Race and he got on my nerves!)  But, when Micah started med school and I found myself with more time on my hands at night, I started watching it and have wondered why it took me so long to start watching it.  I have loved this season, and while the vast majority of television that I 'watch' happens while I am scrapbooking or doing some other sort of online activity (i.e. reading blogs, checking forums, etc.), there are a few shows that I have to just put everything aside and watch and this is one of them.   Aren't you glad you know all the mundane details of my TV watching habits?

I was going through some photos today working on my P365 stuff and thought I would share a few photos from a few weeks ago.

I am including the original and the edited versions of this next photo, 
just so  you can see how much a little processing on a photo can do.
this is straight out of the camera (50 mm, f/2.5, SS 1/1600)--now that I look at those numbers, I can completely see how I really needed to slow my shutter speed down to allow more light in.

This is with a little editing in Lightroom to fix the exposure and lighten it up a bit--the beauty of shooting in RAW and using a program to process a bit.

This just cracks me up--William was being "Batman"

and this is his 'tough' face!

Happy Weekend!


Anonymous said…
Can't believe how the boys are growing! And growing up!GmaE
Monica said…
the batman poses are precious! and i've been a survivor fan (it was my show to quilt to) until they moved it to wed this season!
Melissa said…
Great edit on your picture!

I'm still 2 episodes behind on Survivor - hoping to catch up this week.

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