Scrub Run 2011

One of the organizations that Micah is a part of at school and actually the president of this year is the Student Osteopathic Medical Association (SOMA) and one of their featured events/activities is the annual Scrub Run at the school.  Last year, Micah ran in the 5k and also spent quite a bit of time working to help organize and volunteer at the event and after it was over, I decided that the boys and I should have made the trip down to participate.  So, this year, I had Micah sign us up to go.  He was going to do the 5k again and I thought that the 1 mile Fun Run would be the perfect outlet for the boys.  Can I just say that the boys were way more excited than I ever imagined they would be and were pretty adorable--I may be biased being their mother, but I am pretty sure that others would agree.

Here we are before the race:


and honestly, Micah and I look the best in that photo, 
but the boys are actually looking at the camera in this one:


I debated posting only the one where we look better, but decided that wasn't exactly fair (although it IS my blog and I ultimately have veto power, right?), so there you go with two--in a perfect world, we would all look good in one photo, but as we well know--not a perfect world!

So, Micah and I fully expected the boys to walk, maybe run a little bit, but oh no, they were serious about this 'race' and took off running from the time they fired the starting gun:

That is Xavier in the lead, followed by William and then me realizing that maybe we were running.


Xavier was definitely the more eager of the two.


I love this picture of Xavier--too cute!


and this is the second half when Micah and Xavier had seriously outdistanced us--
if you look really closely you can see them up behind the police cruiser.

At the end of the race, Xavier and Micah came in at just over 11 minutes and William and I finished in 12:40--not bad for two five year olds--who knew they could run that long!

Final group photo!

So, in earlier news, Micah got first place in the 5k for his age group, so he got a medal. The boys were a little disappointed when they realized that they were not getting medals for coming in first and third in their 'race', so Micah had very graciously allowed Xavier to wear his medal. Well, Matt the organizer found some old medals that were not being used and brought them over to the boys--Xavier ripped Micah's medal off of his neck so quickly handing it back to his daddy as he just grinned from ear to ear getting his very own medal!


Seriously, a fun day for us and I was so glad that we got to go and be a part of it this year!


Anonymous said…
I'm proud of those boys!

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