Wednesday's Words

Heard around our house recently:
  • Xavier (when I got back on Sunday night) in his most grown up voice:  "How was your trip to see Aunt Melissa, Mommy?"
  • William (while they were looking at their art creations hanging on the refrigerator):  "This is fantastic!"
  • Last night at dinner, they were telling us about what they are learning in their Jesus time at school:
    • X:  First there was the cross, then the tomb, then Jesus was risen from the deaf.
    • W:  No, no, no....He rose from the deaf.

And a cute picture from a park trip last week:


Jane said…
Your boys are so sweet! I thought the words to the Our Father were ... "Our Father, who aren't in heaven" as in He was omnipresent ... haha, I learned otherwise when I had to learn how to say it in Spanish. In middle school. I said it the wrong way every. single. day. for 13 years. :)

Praying for you today, friend!

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