Wednesday's Words

So, technically, I have only 90 minutes left in Wednesday, but I am up and the boys said some pretty cute things today, so I thought I would share:

  • Earlier this afternoon, William had been really wanting to call his daddy, so after I had finished up with my own phone calls, I had the phone over to William to make the phone call.  William dials up Micah, puts him on speakerphone (because that is how they roll--regardless of the fact that it seriously complicates the ability of those on the other end of the call to actually understand since they tend to speak at the same time.  Anyway, so they are on the phone chatting about some thing and all of a sudden, I hear William say "hold on, daddy" and then in a loud whisper to Xavier "hey, brudder, I just lub you." and then he goes back to talking to Micah--so cute....have I mentioned how much I love those two boys?
  • We ran out of the boys' kids' toothpaste tonight, so I was giving them some of our regular toothpaste, and William was quite excited, "thank you so much, mommy, this toothpaste is spicy!"
  • William was not very well behaved at our church activities tonight and while he was having a disciplinary discussion with Micah, I went in to see Xavier and he very sadly climbed up in my lap and said, "it makes me feel not good, i don't like it."  And when William had emerged from our room, Xavier was the first to come and give him a hug.....have I mentioned how sweet their brother relationship/friendship is?

And I scrapped again!


Brian Lewis said…
Very heart warming!
Now can you write a post about them fighting so I don't feel like our kids are so horrible to each other. Maybe "Fightin' Friday" for you title?

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