well, i survived

Let me preface this by saying, I really wish I was the mom that was super excited about the 'whole school field trips' kind of thing, but to be honest, I am not.  Yesterday was the boys' preschool's whole school field trip day and I honestly do not know how many students along with their parents were there, but suffice it to say that there were a LOT of other schools with their students and parents there as well and the next couple of pictures just kind of give you a glimpse of what the day was like:

This is Xavier and a little girl in his class pretending to be wolves
('you have to put your head up in the air and your arms back like this as you howl'):

 Then, we came home and after having an enforced rest for everyone including me (30 minutes was not quite long enough for me, but they acted like it was more than adequate for them!), they went outside and built this 'habitat' for their dinosaurs who were in The Land Before Time 10....as far as I know they only made 5 of those, but apparently, there is a future in film making for for them.

Today, we stayed close to home and I confess to spending a wee bit of time watching the royal wedding festivities. I especially enjoyed seeing Xavier wave back to Prince William when he and Prince Harry left for the church.


Mayme said…
I confess as well! My DVR was set a week ago and I still got up early so I could watch it live!

Your boys remind me so much of mine when they were little. I have seen EVERY Land Before Time movie multiple times. Brady was a dinosaur NUT.

Then I blinked and he is going to the prom:(
Anonymous said…
No wonder you enforced the 30-min-rest time. It looks like the boys enjoyed their field trip and I love their creating the dinosaur habitat when they got home.
I, too, was the mom who didn't really look forward to field trips. I went. But it was with gritted teeth,
Amy said…
Oh my, Becky! A field trip!!...they are a teacher's worst nightmare so don't feel bad for dreading it! Those days wiped me out more than any other. Funny, now a day chasing Lukas wipes me out even more than a class full of 3rd graders! :)

We watched the royal wedding, too. Lukas got us up early so we just stayed up to watch it. I'm so glad we did!
Monica said…
I went as a chaperone on a 5th grade field trip once. never again.

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