Catch up and One Thousand Gifts 5/30

I realized at some point last week that I had been kind of neglecting the blog. We have been pretty busy with just end of school year things, work, and general life stuff and I have just kind chosen to ignore it. Some days, I feel like the best approach to take is the old adage: "if you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all!" 

Then, last Tuesday, I dropped the boys off at school and headed to Nashville to be with my sister for her chemo days on Wednesday and Thursday.  I was so glad that I got to be there to spend time with her, to meet her chemo nurse, even met a sister of another lady that is going through treatment with Melissa.  I had some really sweet times with my niece and nephew and hopefully was a help to Melissa.  My heart is aching today because she is struggling yesterday and today after her treatments--just really feeling the effects of the chemo. I just remember the difficult days and I hate that she is having to face them.  We had some good days together and there was laughter and tears and (for me anyway) just comfort in being there with her.

I got home last night and loved seeing my boys and spending some time with Micah.  He is in full on study mode for his boards that are two weeks from today.  Of course, when I say "full on" study mode, I am not sure how that is different from before! Anyway, I just realized as I typed that 'two week' bit, that that means he is done in two weeks--and two weeks feels very manageable to me. Yay!

486.        A clean house
487.        A house full of guests
488.        Laughter throughout
489.        Quiet moments to reflect on God’s love, to focus my heart to a joy filled day
490.        A walk to the park to feed the ducks
491.        Reflecting on the day with Micah
492.        Encouraging words from sisters in Christs
493.        Looking back on the journey and being able to see God’s preparations for the valley
494.        The boys belting out Christmas songs in May
495.        A long afternoon nap for the boys
496.        A ride in the car with all four of us,  Xavier excitedly and in great detail explaining his “hot lava batman”
497.        Brothers that comfort each other
498.        Sleeping in
499.        A husband who hurries home
500.        Big beautiful clouds, having fun with boys as we imagine their shapes
501.        Being able to go to Nashville
502.        Micah’s willingness to sacrifice study time so that I can go
503.        Safe travels
504.        Laughter and reminiscing with my sisters
505.        Speaking/remembering French
506.        Sweet visits with friends two days in a row
507.        Watching my nephew’s baseball game on a warm summer night
508.        Meeting the chemo nurse who is taking care of my sister
509.        Chemo nurses—I am convinced they are given a special grace from God
510.        “pilfering” with Kari
511.        baking with my niece
512.        dreaming and scheming about redecorating with Melissa
513.        time with Melissa
514.        making summer plans
515.        welcome home hugs
516.        my nephew singing an original praise song
517.        a nice day for kids to play outdoors
518.        remembering the many who have sacrificed for our freedom
519.     meeting another sister of a lady going through the same treatment as Melissa 


Elizabeth Lemons said…
You failed to give me the credit for taking this picture. I guess it's OK for you to have posted it. :}
Amy said…
I'm so glad you were able to travel to Nashville to be with Melissa. I have no doubt you were such a help and comfort to her! Love the picture of you two!! Miss you, dear friend, and hope to catch up with you soon!
the red pumpkin said…
Glad you got to go and be with your sister. I'm sure that was a great help/comfort to her!
Monica said…
Hooray for 2 weeks and visits home! I've been praying for you guys!

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