Fighting Fridays

I don't have anything specific to share today, just some kind of random facts about our week.

I can't remember if I have mentioned that Micah had his last day of class EVER last Thursday.  He has now finished the classroom portion of his medical education and starting in July will move on to the hospital/clinical part.  While it sounds awesome that in early May he finished his classes, therefore having until July to party and enjoy life, etc.  That is unfortunately far from reality.  He has finals until this coming Tuesday and when I say finals, I mean we-do-not-see-him-because-he-leaves-the-house-at-what-I-consider-the-middle-of-the-night (i.e. 3:15-3:30 AM) and doesn't return until long after the boys bedtime.  And following his last final, he immediately has a 3 day class where he will at long last learn how to perform CPR which is then followed by a 2 week mandatory board preparatory class, which I can only guess will be followed by round the clock studying for his board examination that will take place on June 13.  So, I feel like celebrating the end-of-classes is important because it is a milestone, but it does NOT mean that we are getting to see him.  Last night, he told me he was going to sleep in this morning and not get up until 4---in my world that is NOT considered sleeping in.  But, can I say that I think he is going to be a great doctor?  That I appreciate all the hard work that he puts in, the amount of studying and effort to learn?  Because I do.  He is the kind of medical student that I  hope that all of my physicians were.  And can I brag just a bit more?  As I was typing this, I heard the trash trucks coming through to pick up trash and I had a small moment of panic, so I ran out to see if ours was out there, because with Micah leaving in the middle of the night, I wasn't sure he would remember, but honestly, I don't know why I was worried because it was out there, on the curb, just like it has been every single Friday.  He is good like that.

In other news, I cleaned out our garage this week.  Got rid of boxes that we don't need, just rearranged stuff that was kind of hanging out in ridiculous places, swept the whole thing out and now it makes me happy every time I drive in.  So much so, that I kind of want to invite everyone to come in through the garage so they can see just how good it looks.  That is the sad estate of my life.

Tonight, the boys and I are going to a local rodeo.  I am not sure if they are nearly as excited as I am.

My sister had her first two treatments Wednesday and yesterday and knowing the normal progression of events after chemo, I knew that this morning was maybe going to be pretty rough for her.  I have been struggling not wanting to be like the phone stalker to check on her, but honestly haven't really restrained myself all that much. I have at least been calling my mom to check on her instead of bombarding her phone.  She is doing okay, pretty worn out, but making it.  I am so so thankful for a good experience with her chemo nurse and good doctors and meds, as well as being taken care of by a great husband and my parents being there.

Last week, I had a suggestion for a Fighting Friday post, and while this video may not be exactly what Brian was looking for, this is their version of kung fu fighting.  Also, this is pretty much my life regarding the energy level of my children.

And in other weird news from this week, my friend Leslie  introduced me to juicing--as in sticking an absurd amount of vegetables into a juicer and drinking the juice. So far, I have only done variations including mostly carrots.  This morning this is what I had for breakfast:

It was a concoction of carrots, apples, a bit of ginger, celery and spinach.  It is pretty good.  We will see how long it lasts, but I figure that it has to be way better for me than my usual breakfast of cereal.  So, does anyone else have experience with juicing? if so, please share your recipes!

Well, for having nothing to say, I managed to say a whole lot :)
Also, if you are a digital scrapbooker, there may be an absurd amount of posts this weekend, including a giveaway, but if you are not a digital scrapbooker, this is fair warning that there may be nothing of interest to you here.

Happy Friday!


Monica said…
LOL! My first thought was, "Who needs Fighting Friday when you have washing machine watching? :)" But that is a really cool video. As for your garage, you wouldn't believe the number of times I've eaten in a garage with friends...because it's the only place Bobby can get in there house. :)
Monica said…

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